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What are the effects of Intermolecular forces on real gases and the conditions under which these effects become most evident?
Molecules in real gases do not completely obey the ideal gas laws because the molecules are subjected to intermolecular forces known as ATTRACTIONS and REPULSIONS.

These effects are typically seen under conditions of HIGH and LOW pressure.

ATTRACTIVE forces operate over LONG ranges than repulsive, however PRESSURE also determines which of the 2 is dominant.

AT INTERMEDIATE pressures, ATTRACTIVE forces dominate thus the gas is MORE COMPRESSIBLE

AT HIGH pressures, REPULSIVE forces dominate and the gas is LESS COMPRESSIBLE

What does sublime mean?
solid to vapor
what happens to liquid as pressure and temperature increases?
Liquid vaporizes
The vapor pressure of water above 40mL of water in a 100mL container is 23.8 Torr at 25 degrees celcius. What is the vapor pressure of the water if the volume of the container has changed to 50mL?
Vapor pressure is the pressure exerted by the vapor that exists in equilibrium with the liquid of the substance. As long as there is some liquid, the actual amount of liquid is irrelevent; the vapor pressure does not change.

ONLY Temperature affects vapor pressure.

Therefore the vapor pressure is still 23.8 Torr

Some things take longer to cook at HIGH altitudes than at Low altitudes because…..
Water boils at a LOWER temperature at HIGH altitude than at LOW altitude
fpc (freezing point constant)
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