Unit 2 Chemistry – Physical Chemical

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what is substance?
elements and compounds
examples of substances
Aluminum, salt, baking soda and water
examples of things that are NOT substances
Wood, glass, seawater and orange juice
State is
the physical form of a substance
three main states of matter”?
Solid: fixed volume and shape
Liquid: fixed volume but no fixed shape
Gas: no fixed volume or shape
4th state of matter?
Plasma: contains particles
with electric charges, so it can
conduct electricity
properties of matter are either?
physical or chemical
physical property descirbes
the look or feel of a substance
are characteristics of a substance that can be observed without changing the substance
physical properties can be?
they can be qualitative = color or smell
– they can be quantitative = size, density,boiling point, and STATE
examples of physical properties
“color” of the bike
The body “temperature” of the biker
The “width” of the bike tires
The “density” of the plastic bottle
The “mass” of the helmet
The “odor” of the wheat grass
The “melting point” of the ice in the container
Others include: “boiling point, solubility”
Chemical Property describes
how a substance changes into one or more different substances
examples of chemical properties
wood can burn by reacting with oxygen
– iron rusts by reacting with oxygen
– helium does NOT react with anything
physical change is
a change in the physical properties of a substance
is a change in a substance that affects only its physical properties…a physical change DOES NOT result in a different substance.
chemical change
transformation of one or more substances into others
a new substance is formed as atoms rearrange themselves into new configurations
all changes in matter are either?
physical or chemical
examples of physical change
ice cube melts
salt dissolves in water
copper pipe being cut in half
A chemical reaction is
the set of chemical changes involved when one or more substances react, forming one or more different substances
the transformation of oxygen into ozone is what type?
a chemical change
All physical and chemical changes involve a change
in energy
Energy is
the ability to do work or produce heat.
Forms of Energy
light, sound, electricity, chemical energy, and nuclear energy
some chemical reactions give off energy in the form of
Some chemical reactions require
energy in order to occur
Ability to burn is chemical or physical property?
chemical property
Rust appears on a nail is a chemical or physical change?
chemical change
A puddle freezes is a chemical or physical change?
physical change
Substance that has a definite shape and volume is a?
Temperature or density are chemical or physical properties?
physical properties
Substance that has a definite volume, but no definite shape is a?
What is the difference between a gas and a liquid?
How are physical changes related to physical properties?
What is a chemical reaction?
How is energy related to changes in matter?
cooking involves chemical, physical or both types of changes?
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