Astronomy 1010 chapters 5 end of chapter chapter exercises UVU

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Order the colors of visible light from shortest frequency to highest frequency
Radio, Microwave, Infrared, Visible, Ultraviolet, X-Ray, and Gamma Ray.
Order the parts of the EM spectrum from shortest wavelength to longest wavelength
Gamma Rays, x-rays, ultraviolet, visable light, infared, microwaves, radio waves
Which kinda of EM radiation are not typically harmful
Radio, IR, MW, Radio
What would a low amplitude, long wavelength visible light look like?
Red, dim
What color would a true-color x-ray image be?
An apple looks red because it absorbs ____ and ____ and scatters_____.
Blue and greens, red
Discovered IR light
Discovered radio waves
Came up with 4 equations on EM
Showed that white light was made of colors
Modeled blackbody curve as due to particles
First to measure c
Discovered x-rays
Showed that light was a wave
Are electrons composed of quarks
How many protons and neutrons does He-3 have?
2 & 1
Compared with red light, blue light has ____ energy per photon, a _____ frequency, and a _____ wavelength.
More, higher, shorter
Order the four phases of matter by increasing tempeture
Solid, liquid, gas, plasma
Describe two way in which the thermal radiation spectrum of an 8000k star would differ from a 4000k star.
4000k would be dimmer and have less heat
Which radiation law indicates that the hotter the bluer?
Ween’s law
Which radiation law indicates that the hotter the brighter?
Stephans Law
If unmoving hydrogen emits a UV line of 121.6 nm but from a particular star it’s 120.5 nm then the line is
Blue shifted
The principle optical piece of a reflecting telescope is a ____. For a refractor it’s_____.
Reflector=mirror to focus light. Refractor= lenses to focus light
The biggest telescopes are
Galileos telescope was a _____. Newtons was a ___.
Refractor, reflector
Which kind of aberration do refractors/reflectors suffer
Chromatic color, spherical
Where’s the best location on earth for optical telescopes
In order to get the best resolution, where in the solar system should a radio telescope be put?
The further away the better, out by pluto maybe further
Wiring telescopes together improves ____the most.
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