Astronomy online Ch 3 HSU

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1 nanometer (nm) is
10-9 m
A Newtonian telescope consists of the following types of mirrors
one concave and one flat mirror
A _________ is a device that separates the light from stars and other objects according to produce a spectrum
A recorder is part of a radio telescope
Chromatic aberration occurs in a refracting telescope when
the different colors of light do not all come to the same focal point
How is a Cassegrain reflecting telescope constructed
A concave primary mirror and a convex secondary mirror that reflects light back through a primary mirror
In a telescope, to what does the term “aberration” mean
A defect in design that blurs or distorts the image
Modern astronomy would be possible without extensive us of computers.
Neutrinos are important to our understanding of the early Universe
One major difference between radio waves and light is that
radio waves have lower frequencies than light waves
Radio waves travel through space at what speed?
At the speed of light 3 x 108m/s
Schmidt telescopes are used mostly for
Photographing wide areas of the night sky
The earth’s atmosphere is transparent to which of the following types of electromagnetic radiation
Rado waves
The IRAS Satellite, placed in orbit in 1983 to survey the whole sky, deleted which kind of electromagnetic radiation
The speed of light in space is
3 x 108 meters per second, independent of the speed of the source
Violet light differs from red light in that
Violet light has a shorter wavelength than red light
What are the basic pars of a Schmidt telescope
A spherical, concave primary mirror and a glass corrector plate
What is the main reason for using several radio telescopes together as an interferometer
to obtain much better angular resolution (Sharpness) of the images
What is the relationship between color and wavelength for light
Wavelength increases from violet to red
Which of the following is an electromagnetic wave
Which type of telescope uses a lens as the main optical element?
A refracting telescope
Which of the following types of electromagnetic radiation has the shortest wavelength
Gamma rays
Who first showed that light does not travel at infinite speed
Ole Roemer in 1675
Who was the first person to suggest that light is an electromagnetic wave
James Clerk Maxwell
Who was the first astronomer to build and use a telescope to observe the night sky
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