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jovian planets
gas giants are named after what type of planets?
Jupiter is the largest planet in our SOLAR SYSTEM. True or False?
Jupiter and The Sun
Jupiter and what else are apart of the two mass system?
Jupiter is less _________ than earth due to its gaseous composition
differential; the equator spins faster than the poles
what type of rotation does jupiter have and why?
Jupiter has a strong magnetic field. True or False?
Atmospheric bands forming light and dark bands/sections and the great red spot
There are two atmospheric features. What are they?
Red spot
thought to be a storm that has raged on for hundreds of years
how many earth’s could you fit inside the red spot?
hydrogen (86.1%) and helium (13.8%)
Jupiter’s atmosphere consists of
the first layer is gaseous so the second layer must be…?
smooth with no mountains because the storms in the atmosphere never stop
jupiter’s surface must be ___________ and why?
Jupiter’s core is very ____________?
jupiter gives off ______________ the amount of energy it receives from the sun
internal energy source
what energy source is jupiter thought have but hasn’t yet been discovered?
the type of energy that supports the theory of leftover energy
1/1,000,000 kelvin/year
how much energy does jupiter lose a year
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