honors history- people of scientific revolution

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Francis Bacon
-formulated the scientific method
• proposed that science is inductive—it proceeds
• believed that science should improve people’s lives
Robert Boyle
• discovered the relationship between the volume of a gas and the pressure exerted on it
Margaret Cavendish
• speculated on the nature of the atom
• criticized the idea that science could help humans master nature
• argued that females should be educated
Nicolaus Copernicus
Astronomy, Mathematics
• proposed that the Earth and other planets move
around the sun
René Descartes
Philosophy, Mathematics
• stated that reason is the source of knowledge
• proposed that mind and matter are separate
Galileo Galilei
Astronomy, Mathematics
• discovered moons of Jupiter, sunspots, and
mountains on the Earth’s moon
• formulated the law of falling bodies
William Harvey
• figured out how blood circulates through the body
Johannes Kepler
Astronomy, Mathematics
• discovered that planets have elliptical orbits around the sun
• worked out laws governing the speed of
planetary orbits
Antoine Lavoisier
• worked out the theory of combustion
• invented the system of naming chemical elements
Isaac Newton
Astronomy, Mathematics
• formulated laws of motion and gravitation
• founded the science of light
• invented calculus
Andreas Vesalius
• wrote the first anatomy textbook
Maria Winkelmann
• discovered a comet
• compiled significant observations about the planets
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