Honors science final {astronomy} questions

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A group of stars, gas, and dust held together by gravity is a ___________.
All are examples of an NEO except:
Which is the actual or true brightness of a star?
Which is how bright the star appears to an observer on Earth?
apparent magnitude
Hazards associated with an NEO include all except:
Which planet is very hot because of the greenhouse effect and has sulfuric acid in its clouds?
A ___ is an object so dense that nothing including light can escape its gravity field
black hole
The distance that light travels in one year is
9.5 x 10^12
What happens to spectral lines from a star when the distance between the star and Earth is increasing?
they shift toward the red end of the visible spectrum.
Which is the term to express luminosity of stars if they were seen from the same distance?
absolute magnitude
Which planet is not considered terrestrial?
Which is an example of constellation?
A planet at aphelion is?
farthest away from the focus of the orbit
A planet at perihelion is?
at the point its orbit nearest to the sun
Which is NOT an example of circumpolar constellations for the Northern Hemisphere?
The speed of light is..
300,000 km/sec
Which stage follows the stable state for most stars?
Which characteristics are true of both planets and asteroids?
They are present in the solar system.
The positions of the constellations appear to change throughout the year because__________
Earth revolves around the sun
The big bang theory of the formation and expansion of the universe is supported by the observed
Doppler shift to red
About 90 percent of the stars in space are _________ stars.
main sequence
Which of these lists of cosmic features is in the correct order of size, beginning with the largest?
Universe, galaxy, star, planet
When small pieces of rock moving through space enter Earth’s atmosphere and burn up, they are called _____
A comet develops a coma because of ____
heat from the sun
Which planet is not considered Jovian?
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