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(There is an *atmosphere* of peace and calm in the country, quite different from the *atmosphere* of a big city.)
n. the gases surrounding a planet; the way a particular place makes someone feel ( 气,大气层)
(Rust results from the slow combination of iron with *atmospheric* oxygen and water vapor.)
adj. relating to, or occurring in the atmosphere (大气的,大气层的;大气引起的)
(The tides roll in on the wide beach, *colliding* with each other.)
v.crash together with violent impact (使碰撞)
(The Titanic was on a *collision* course with a huge and deadly iceberg.)
n. an act or instance of colliding; clash (碰撞;抵触)
(In recent decades, more scientists have become convinced that intelligent life forms exist elsewhere in the *cosmos*.)
n. universe (宇宙)
(Through their paintings of the universe, Australian Aborigines were among the first people to explore *cosmology*.)
n. study of the nature of the universe (宇宙学)
(Philosopher and physicist Stephen Hawking is probably the world’s most famous *cosmologist*.)
n. one who studies the nature of the universe. (宇宙学)
(From space, Earth appears as a mere speck or green in the vast *cosmic* darkness.)
adj. of or relating to the cosmos, the extraterrestrial vastness, or the universe in contrast to the earth alone (宇宙的)
(Gary stayed up past midnight to watch the lunar *eclipse*.)
n. one celestial body obscuring another (日蚀,月蚀;黯然失色)
To Eclipse
(Mariah’s happiness at graduating with highest honors was *eclipsed* by the terrible news that her father had died in a car accident.)
v. exceed in importance; outweigh (形成蚀;使黯然失色)
(Just one of the universe’s numerous *galaxies*, the Milky Way is composed of more than 400 billion stars.)
n. a collection of star systems (星系,银河系)
(A company called Virgin *Galactic* is building an aircraft designed to carry paying customers into space.
adj. of or relating to a galaxy; huge (银河的;巨大的)
(Because of the moon’s smaller mass, its *gravity* is only one sixth of that on Earth.)
n. the attraction of the mass of a planet for bodies at or near its surface (重力)
(Tides on earth are determined by the *gravitational* pull of both the moon and sun. ) .
adj. of or relating to or caused by gravitation (重力的,万有引力的)
To Gravitate
(Stuart *gravitates* towards films that portray real people facing real problems.)
adj. to be drawn towards someone or something (重力的,万有引力的)
(Stephanie invited her boyfriend to watch the *meteor* shower from her family’s outdoor balcony.)
n. any of the small solid galactic bodies that enter the earth’s atmosphere (流星)
(Few *meteorites* survive to reach the earth’s surface, and most of these are too small to cause great damage.)
n. a meteor that reaches the surface of the earth (陨石)
(Stephanie’s rise as a lawyer has been so *meteoric* that some expect her to be appointed to the Supreme Court.)
adj. of or relating to a meteor/rising dramatically (流星的;急速的)
(Light takes as long as 1500 years to reach Earth from the distant Horsehead *Nebula*.)
n. clouds of gas or dust in the universe that are made visible by the light of neighboring stars (星云)
(Romance is *nebulous*. It can be described but not exactly defined.)
adj. like a nebula, i.e. indistinct/ unclear (星云的,云雾状的)
(China’s Moon Rover arrived in lunar *orbit* and prepared for its historic rocket
assisted touchdown in the moon’s Bay of Rainbows.) -n. the elliptical path made by one celestial body in its revolution around another (轨道)
To Orbit
(*Orbiting* Saturn is Titan, the largest natural satellite in our solar system.)
v. move in an elliptical path (绕…轨道而行)
(The new buses will follow an *orbital* route, thereby avoiding much of the city’s heaviest traffic.)
adj. of or relating to an orbit. i.e. a circular route around a central point (轨道的;眼窝的)
To Rotate
(New chemistry PhD students need to *rotate* through at least three different research groups before they decide which one to join.)
v. to cause to turn or move about an axis or a center, or to perform an act in turn (使旋转,使转动)
(The Earth’s *rotation* takes 24 hours.)
n. the action or process of rotating on, or as if on, an axis or center (旋转)
(Uranus is the only planet in our solar system with a *rotational* axis tilted sideways.)
adj. of or pertaining to rotation (转动的,轮流的)
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