APES Geology Test Questions/Answers

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An advantage of recycling aluminum rather than disposing of it in landfills is that aluminum can be
Produced from recycled metal using much less energy than is required for its production from aluminum ore
Which of the following natural events would be most likely to contribute to the cooling of Earth’s atmosphere?
Elements that cycle in the environment and that also have a gaseous phase at some point in their cycle include which of the following?
I. Carbon
II. Phosphorous
III. Sulfur
IV. Nitrogen
I, III, and IV only
Most volcanism in the world is associated with:
Plate boundaries
Which of the following would be the correct order for the soil horizons from the surface down to the bedrock?
O, A, E, B, C, and R
The Mid-Atlantic ridge and sea floor spreading are both examples of which of the following?
Divergent plate boundaries
In what type of rock do rock fossils form?
You find a rock with angular pieces within the matrix, which of the following would be your most likely location?
Near a steep hillside
At the overhanging ledge waterfall in the Riverheads area there is a crystalline form of limestone that is also used for tile and forms the top of the falls. It bubbled during for a test during the rock lab. What is the name of the rock?
The major reservoirs of nitrogen and sulfur in the biosphere are correctly identified by which of the following?
Nitrgoen= Atmosphere Sulfur=Rocks
In the geologic history of this area, which of the following choices would give the best list of events in order of how they occurred?
Granite and basalt, shallow sea, metamorphism, Pangaea forms, sea floor spreading, and anticlines eroding while synclines fill
There are four processes by which rocks can be formed. Which of the following processes would form a rock by hot liquid moving within the crust and then coming in contact with cooler rocks and releasing minerals.
Thornrose Cemetery was in which of the following formations?
You are hiking in Mexico and come upon a volcano that has a crater at its summit and many ejected rocks all around the base of the volcano. What type of volcano is it?
What test should you perform to determine if a rock is a limestone rock?
The HCl test, limestone fizzed
If you are walking in a mountainous area and find a lot of granite, what does that tell you about the area?
The rocks formed intrusively by volcanoes
Which of the following types of soil has the smallest particle size and what type of rock would it form?
Clay, shale
In the Sulfur cycle, sulfur is mineralized into what compound?
When molten rock rushes up through a crack and collects in a pocket under the surface, it is called a ______________ mountain.
Humans contribute to the increased sulfur in the atmosphere by
Burning coal and oil to produce electric power
If you took a moist wad of soil and squeezed it between your thumb and forefinger and it felt neither gritty nor sticky and the ribbon formed was short, what type of soil would you have?
Which of the following gives the geologic eras in the correct sequence, from the oldest to the most recent?
Which of the following is the force responsible for driving the hydrologic cycle?
The sun
Sedimentary rocks are a major sink for
The primary cause of Earth’s seasons is the
Constant tilt of Earth’s rotational axis with respect to the plane of its orbit around the sun
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