Geology Test #2 Study Guide

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True or False: We are living during the third largest extinction event in geologic history?
A pair of metamorphic rocks with biochemical origins are:
Marble and Anthracite
Detrital sedimentary rocks are classified (named) based on the:
Grain sizes of the detrial particles.
The appearance and rapid proliferation of hard boiled macro fossils in the geologic record is called the:
Cambrian Explosion
True or False: Marble is composed of the mineral calcite, but because it is metamorphic, it will no longer react with hydrochloric acid.
The two primary agents of metamorphism are:
Heat and Pressure
True or False: Unlike most other liquids, water increases in volume when it freezes.
Name a fossil that would NOT be considered a trace fossil?
The components of chemical sedimentary rocks are transported as:
Ions in solution
The accumulation of large volumes of limestone occurs in which sedimentary environment?
Shallow marine environments in association with shallow reef systems
Eolian sedimentary environments are characterized by the action of:
What kind of limestone is a form of inorganic limestone?
Oolitic Limestone
True or False: Shock metamorphism results from the collision of two continental lithospheric plates?
What condition is NOT conducive of fossilization?
Exposure at the surface for an extended period before burial.
What is NOT one of the 5 fundamental soil forming factors?
Rock salt is a:
Inorganic chemical sedimentary rock
The most common unconsolidated glacial sediment deposit is:
Distributary channel systems are characteristic of which sedimentary environments:
Alluvial and Deltaic
Which of the following is not like the others, because it is NOT a chemical sedimentary rock?
1: Siltstone
2: Limestone
3: Dolostone
4: Rock Salt
5: Gypsum Salt
Metamorphic rocks with non-foliated textures result from what type of pressure?
The fossilized layered and mounded structures built by colonies of cyanobacteria are called:
The state fossil of North Dakota is
Teredo Wood
Which of the following is considered a biogenetic chemical sedimentary rock, but its primary components are not minerals.
1: Limestone
2: Dolostone
3: Halite
4: Calcite
5: Coal
Which of the following metamorphic rocks forms from burial metamorphism of a limestone parent rock?
1: Slate
2: Anthracite
3: Halite
4: Marble
5: Granite
What are the two fundamental types / categories of weathering that breakdown rocks at the Earth’s surface?
Physical and chemical
Which of the organisms below are echinoderms that exhibit five-fold symmetry in living or fossil specimens?
Sea urchins and sand dollars
The diagnostic difference between conglomerate and sedimentary breccia is:
Breccia has angular clasts; conglomerate has rounded clasts.
True or False: Living organisms and their biotic processes are vital and necessary components of soil?
Which of these is not like the others, is NOT a detrital sedimentary rock?
1: Limestone
2: Sandstone
3: Siltstone
4: Conglomerate
5: Shale
Which of these is not like the other, which term or phrase is NOT a mechanism of physical weathering?
1: Wet and dry cycling
2: Frost wedging
3: Dissolution
4: Unloading
5: Thermal expansion contraction
In an idealized soil profile the correct sequence of soil master horizons from the surface downward is?
What cementing agent is responsible for most of the coloration of detrital sedimentary rocks?
Iron oxides
Which of the following sedimentary structures can indicate the flow direction of the mobile agent(s) when the sediments were deposited?
1: Mud cracks
2: Raindrop Marks
3: Ripple Marks
4: Concretions
Ripple Marks
Which of the following detrital sedimentary rocks is most likely to exhibit fine laminations?
True or False: Living organisms and their biotic processes are vital and necessary components of soil?
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