Oceanography: Chapter 1

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What percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water?
List the 4 major ocean basins (and the one that is not a basin). Rank them in order by depth and by surface area.
From deepest to shallowest
1) Pacific-deepest
2) atlantic
3) indian
4) arctic- shallowest
5) antarctic or southern- not a basin
What is the deepest part in each ocean? What is the deepest spot on earth?
What is the deepest part in each ocean?
– The challenger deep
What is the deepest spot on earth?
– Mariana trench
List and define the scientific disciplines that contribute to the field of oceanography
Marine biology: study of nature and distribution of marine organisms

Marine geology: study of earth’s crust and composition

Physical oceanography: study of waves and currents

Chemical oceanography: study of the gases and solids dissolved in the ocean

Marine engineering: the design and construction of structures used in or on the ocean

Climate specialists: study long-term climate trends

What is the estimated age of the universe?
13.7 billion years
How old is earth?
4.6 billion years old
How old are the oldest fossils?
3.4-3.5 billion years old
Where in our solar system and outside our solar system have scientists found evidence of water?
– Europa
– Ganymede
– Saturn
– Jupiter
– Mars
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