What is Oceanography?

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is the systematic study of the ocean environment on all scales and from biology to physics. It includes descriptive, quantitative, predictive, interdisciplinary science.
Geological oceanography
Branch of marine science that studies seafloor formations, sediments, and coastal formations
Biological oceanography
the study of the lifeforms in the ocean and their relationships to one another
Chemical oceanography
heated seawater, odd constituents in composition, can trace plumes by chemical signature
Physical oceanography
cycling of seawater through mid-ocean ridges; plumes circulate around ridges, currents can exist even this deep!
Arctic Ocean
Smallest and shallowest ocean, permimant layer of sea ice at the surface
Pacific Ocean
Worlds largest and deepest ocean, contains many tropical oceans
Atlantic Ocean
second largest ocean
Indian Ocean
Exists mostly in the southern hemisphere
horizontal, all lines equal
vertical, not equal (come together at ends)
aspect ratio
science of measuring heights
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