Beowulf Poem (Short Version)

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Who is Grendel?
A fierce monster who cannot be loved.
Who is Beowulf?
A hero
Who is Unferth?
Jealous of Beowulf and challenges him.
Who is Hrothgar?
King of the Danes.
What is Herot?
Symbol created by Hrothgar for his men as a reward for their loyalty. Also the setting.
How long has Grendel been attacking Herot?
12 years
What does Hrothgar promises Beowulf if he can kill Beowulf?
Treasure and a Banquet in his honor
Who is Grendel a descendent from?
Can Grendel be harmed by weapons?
How did Beowulf and his men travel to help Hrothgar?
Why does Beowulf slay Grendel?
To save Hrothgar and the Danes from the monster.
Why does Unferth challenge Beowulf?
What does Beowulf take as a trophy from his victory over Grendel?
Grendel’s claw and arm.
Beowulf is admired for what heroic trait?
Supernatural strength
What is Herot in Beowulf?
A great mead hall
How did Grendel persecute the Danes?
Seizing the men as they slept in the hall
What time period is Beowulf associated with?
The Anglo-Saxans
Who wrote Beowulf?
Unknown poet
What is the universal conflict in Beowulf?
Good vs. Evil
What is the main reason Beowulf travels to Hrothgar’s mead hall?
To repay Hrothgar for helping his father.
Why does Grendel do what he does?
He cannot be loved
How many men did Grendel kill and why is Herot so deserted?
30 men; Nobody wants to stay at night.
Who or what does Beowulf credit his success?
How many men does Beowulf bring with him to Herot?
14 men
What is the language that is used to write Beowulf?
Old English
What time period is Beowulf in?
Dark Ages
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