Healthcare: 7:1 (Life Stages)

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Response to a loud noise or sudden movement.
Response to a slight touch on the cheek.
Response to a slight touch on the lips.
Response when an object is placed in the hand.
2 months
Roll from side to back. (Date)
6-7 months
Sit unsupported for several minutes. (Date)
12 months
Walk without assistance. (Date)
6 months
Understand some words and make basic sounds. (Date)
4-6 months
Shows distress, delight, anger, disgust, and fear. (Date)
6 months
Become shy and withdraw from strangers. (Date)
12 months
Mimic and imitate gestures and facial expressions. (Date)
2-4 years
Learn bladder and bowel control. (Date)
4 years
Make decisions based on logic on past trial and error. (Date)
6 years
Make decisions based on past and present experiences. (Date)
1-2 years
Display frequent temper tantrums. (Date)
6 years
Show less anxiety when faced with new experiences. (Date)
6 years
Friends of their own age become important. (Date)
Loyalty, Honesty, Values, Morals
Abstract concepts that children begin to understand in late childhood.
Anorexia Nervosa
Person drastically reduces food intake or refuses to eat.
Person alternately eats excessively or refuses to eat.
Person uses laxatives or induces vomiting.
0-1 years
Early childhood
1-6 years
Late childhood
6-12 years
12-20 years
Early adulthood
20-40 years
Middle adulthood
Late adulthood
65 over
Progress from self-centered ness to recognition of others in environment
Emotional development is often stormy and in conflict
Early adulthood
Frequently the most productive life stage with physical development; basically complete
Late adulthood
Physical development is on the decline and all body systems are usually affected
Respond to discomforts such as pain, cold, hunger by crying
Early childhood
Begin to make decisions based on logic rather than trial and error
Early adulthood
Deals with independence, makes career choices, selects martial partner, and starts a family
Late childhood
Most of the primary teeth are lost and permanent teeth erupt
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