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Clipboard, Home
You will find the Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons in the____ group in the ___ tab.
Keep formatting only
Which of the following is NOT one of the options available in the Paste Options button?
You can move text in a Woed document by dragging it with the mouse, or you can copy the text by dragging it while holding down the___ key
How many items can you copy to the Clipboard task pane?
Positioning the insertion point at the desired location
To copy an item already in the Clipboard task pane into your Word document, begin by
Ctrl + C is pressed twice
One choice, available from the Options button in the clipboard task pane, is to display the task pane when
Landscape page orientation
Which of the following is NOT one of the Words default setting
Heading and body text fonts , colors, lines and fill effects. All of these are correct
A document theme is a set of formatting choices relating to a set of
Page layout
In which tab would you find the Themes group
Page background
In which group on the Page Layout tab would you find the Watermark, page color, and page border buttons?
The background color of the page changes in the screen, but the color does not print
What happens when you choose a color from the Page Color button?
At the current cursor position
When you click the Blank Page button in the Pages group, where is the blank page added?
Ctrl + Enter
What is the keyboard shortcut for inserting a page break?
Page background
The page number button in the Headers and Footers group contains three options for the placement of page numbers. Which of the following is NOT one of those options?
The header pane and the header & footer tools design tab are displayed
What happens if you click the Edit Header option on the Header button?
Click Add New Source
The easiest way to make a research paper reference available for repeated use is to
Citations and bibliography group on the references tab
The insert citation button is found in the
Click on the first page, click the Insert tab, click Header and then click Remove Header
To remove the header from the first page of a document with a previously created header,
References tab, and then click the bibliography button
To insert a works cited page, start by clicking the.
Which function can not be managed in the Manage Source dialog box?
according to MLA standards, how should the second and subsequent lines of cited works appear?
Which of the following is not one of the choices in the Vertical alignment option in the page setup dialog box?
Illustration group of the Insert tab
The clip art button is located in the
Options for creating envelopes and labels are located in this tab
Insert it as the delivery address
If you open the Envelopes and Labels dialog box in a document containing a name and address, what does Word do with the name and address?
Type the delivery and return address
Which of the following tasks can you not do in the Envelopes Options dialog box?
All of these are correct
With the Word 2010 Labels feature, you can
In which group of the Mailing tab will you find the Labels button?
New Label button
If you wanted to customize the default setting for your labels, you would click the ___ in the Label Options dialog box
Pasting selected text
Ctrl + V is the keyboard shortcut for
Insert citation
Which button in Word 2010 allows you to include a reference in a research paper or report?
Change text formatting
The Click and Type feature described in Section 3 allows you to quickly
Click insert citation and then click add new source
To cite a page number in a direct quotation
MLA sheet
An alphabetic list of the books, journal articles, web pages, or any other sources referenced
By clicking the Update Citation and Bibliography tab
How are changes to a cited source updated?
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