Chinese Character Frequency List (1-500)

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de/di2/di4 (possessive particle)/of, really and truly, aim/clear
yi1 one/1/single/a(n)
shi4 is/are/am/yes/to be
bu4/bu2 (negative prefix)/not/no
le/liao3/liao4 (modal particle intensifying preceding clause)/(completed action marker), to know/to understand/to know, clear, look afar
zai4 (located) at/in/exist
ren2 man/person/people
you3 to have/there is/there are/to exist/to be
wo3 I/me/myself
ta1 he/him
zhe4/zhei4 this/these, this/these/(sometimes used before a measure word, especially in Beijing)
ge4 (a measure word)/individual
men (plural marker for pronouns and a few animate nouns)
zhong1/zhong4 within/among/in/middle/center/while (doing sth)/during/China/Chinese, hit (the mark)
lai2 to come
shang4 on/on top/upon/first (of two parts)/previous or last (week, etc.)/upper/higher/above/previous/to climb/to go into/above/to go up
da4/dai4 big/huge/large/major/great/wide/deep/oldest/eldest, doctor
wei2/wei4 act as/take…to be/to be/to do/to serve as/to become, because of/for/to
he2/he4/huo2/huo4 and/together with/with/peace/harmony/union, cap (a poem)/respond in singing, soft/warm, mix together/to blend
guo2 country/state/nation
de/di4 (subor. part. adverbial)/-ly, earth/ground/field/place/land
dao4 to (a place)/until (a time)/up to/to go/to arrive
yi3 to use/according to/so as to/in order to/by/with/because/Israel (abbrev.)
shui4/shuo1 persuade (politically), to speak/to say
shi2 o’clock/time/when/hour/season/period
yao1/yao4 demand/ask/request/coerce, important/vital/to want/to be going to/must
jiu4 at once/then/right away/only/(emphasis)/to approach/to move towards/to undertake
chu1 to go out/to come out/to occur/to produce/to go beyond/to rise/to put forth/to occur/to happen/(a measure word for dramas, plays, or
hui4/kuai4 can/be possible/be able to/to assemble/to meet/to gather/to see/union/group/association, to balance an account/accounting
ke3 can/may/able to/certain(ly)/to suit/(particle used for emphasis)
ye3 also/too
ni3 you
dui4 couple/pair/to be opposite/to oppose/to face/for/to/correct (answer)/to answer/to reply/to direct (towards sth)/right
sheng1 to be born/to give birth/life/to grow
neng2 can/may/capable/energy/able
er2 and/as well as/but (not)/yet (not)/(shows causal relation)/(shows change of state)/(shows contrast)
zi3/zi 11 p.m.-1 a.m./1st earthly branch/child/midnight/son/child/seed/egg/small thing, (noun suff.)
na3/na4/nei4 how/which, that/those, that/those/(sometimes used before a measure word, especially in Beijing)
de2/de/dei3 obtain/get/gain/proper/suitable/proud/contented/allow/permit/ready/finished, a sentence particle used after a verb to show effect/degree or o need to
yu2 (surname), in/at/to/from/by/than/out of
zhao1/zhao2/zhe/zhu4/zhuo2 catch/receive/suffer, part. indicates the successful result of a verb/to touch/to come in contact with/to feel/to be affected by/to catch ndicates an
xia4 under/second (of two parts)/next (week, etc.)/lower/below/underneath/down(wards)/to decline/to go down/latter
zi4 from/self/oneself/since
zhi1 (literary equivalent of 的)/(subor. part.)/him/her/it
nian2 year
guo4 (experienced action marker)/to cross/to go over/to pass (time)/to celebrate (a holiday)/to live/to get along/(surname)/excessively/too-
fa1/fa4 to send out/to show (one’s feeling)/to issue/to develop, hair
hou4 empress/queen/surname, back/behind/rear/afterwards/after/later
zuo4 to regard as/to take (somebody) for/to do/to make
li3 inside/internal/interior, village/within/inside, Chinese mile/neighborhood/li, a Chinese unit of length = one-half kilometer/hometown
yong4 to use
dao4 direction/way/method/road/path/principle/truth/reason/skill/method/Tao (of Taoism)/a measure word/to say/to speak/to talk
hang2/xing2/xing4 a row/profession/professional, all right/capable/competent/OK/okay/to go/to do/to travel/temporary/to walk/to go/will do, behavior/conduct
suo3 actually/place
ran2 correct/right/so/thus/like this/-ly
jia1 furniture/tool, -ist/-er/-ian/home/family/a person engaged in a certain art or profession
zhong3/zhong4 kind/type/race/breed/seed/species (taxonomy), to plant/to cultivate
shi4 matter/thing/item/work/affair
cheng2/cheng4 finish/complete/accomplish/become/turn into/win/succeed/one tenth, finish/complete/accomplish/become/turn into/win/succeed/one t
fang1 square/quadrilateral/direction/just
duo1 many/much/a lot of/numerous/multi-
jing1 classics/sacred book/pass through/to undergo/scripture
ma/me/yao1 (interrog. part.), (interrog. suff.), one on dice/small
qu4 to go/to leave/to remove
fa3 law/method/way/Buddhist teaching/Legalist/France (abbrev.)
xue2 learn/study/science/-ology
ru2 as (if)/such as
dou1/du1 all/both (if two things are involved)/entirely (due to)each/even/already, (surname)/metropolis/capital city
tong2 like/same/similar/together/alike/with
xian4 appear/present/now/existing/current
dang1/dang4 to be/to act as/manage/withstand/when/during/ought/should/match equally/equal/same/obstruct/just at (a time or place)/on the spot/right/just at,
mei2/mo4 (negative prefix for verbs)/have not/not, drowned/to end/to die/to inundate
dong4 to use/to act/to move/to change
mian4 fade/side/surface/aspect/top/face/flour/noodles, flour/noodles
qi3 to rise/to raise/to get up
kan1/kan4 to look after/to take care of/to watch/to guard, it depends/think/to see/to look at
ding4 to set/to fix/to determine/to decide/to order
tian1 day/sky/heaven
fen1/fen4 to divide/minute/(a measure word)/(a unit of length = 0.33 centimeter), part
hai2/huan2/huan4 also/in addition/more/still/else/still/yet/(not) yet, (surname)/pay back/return
jin4 advance/enter/to come in
hao3/hao4 good/well, be fond of
xiao3 small/tiny/few/young
bu4 ministry/department/section/part/division/troops/board/(a measure word)/(a measure word for works of literature, films, machines, etc.)
qi2 his/her/its/theirs/that/such/it (refers to sth preceding it)
xie1 some/few/several/(a measure word)
zhu3 to own/to host/master/lord/primary
yang4 manner/pattern/way/appearance/shape
li3 reason/logic/science/inner principle or structure
xin1 heart/mind
ta1 she
ben3 roots or stems of plants/origin/source/this/the current/root/foundation/basis/(a measure word)
qian2 before/in front/ago/former/previous/earlier/front
kai1 open/operate (vehicle)/start
dan4 but/yet/however/only/merely/still
yin1 cause/reason/because
qi2/zhi1/zhi3 earth-spirit/peace, (a measure word, for birds and some animals, etc.)/single/only, M for one of a pair, only/merely/just/but, but/only
cong1/cong2/zong4 lax/yielding/unhurried, from/obey/observe/follow, second cousin
xiang3 to think/to believe/to suppose/to wish/to want/to miss
shi2 real/true/honest/really/solid
ri4 Japan/day/sun/date/day of the month
jun1 army/military/arms
zhe3 -ist, -er (person)/person (who does sth)
yi4 idea/meaning/wish/desire/(abbr.) Italy
wu2 -less/not to have/no/none/not/to lack/un-
li4 power/force/strength
ta1 it
yu2/yu3/yu4 (interrog. part.), and/to give/together with, take part in
chang2/zhang3 length/long/forever/always/constantly, chief/head/elder/to grow/to develop
ba3/ba4 (a measure word)/(marker for direct-object)/to hold/to contain/to grasp/to take hold of, handle
ji1 machine/opportunity/secret
shi2 ten/10
min2 the people/nationality/citizen
di4 (prefix before a number, for ordering numbers, e.g. “first”, “number two”, etc)
gong1 just/honorable (designation)/public/common
ci3 this/these
yi3 already/to stop/then/afterwards
gong1 work/worker/skill/profession/trade/craft/labor
shi3 to make/to cause/to enable/to use/to employ/messenger
qing2 feeling/emotion/passion/situation
ming2 clear/bright/to understand/next/the Ming dynasty
xing4 sex/nature/surname/suffix corresponding to -ness or -ity
zhi1 to know/to be aware
quan2 all/whole/entire/every/complete
san1 three/3
you4 (once) again/also/both… and…/again
guan1 (surname)/mountain pass/to close/to shut/to turn off/to concern/to involve
dian3 (downwards-right convex character stroke)/o’clock/(a measure word)/point/dot/(decimal) point)
zheng1/zheng4 Chinese 1st month of year, just (right)/main/upright/straight/correct/principle
ye4 business/occupation/study
wai4 outside/in addition/foreign/external
jiang1/jiang4 (will, shall, “future tense”)/ready/prepared/to get/to use, a general
liang3 both/two/ounce/some/a few/tael
gao1 high/tall
jian1/jian4 between/among/space/(measure word), interstice/separate
you2 follow/from/it is for…to/reason/cause/because of/due to/by/to/to leave it (to sb)
wen4 to ask
hen3 very/extremely
zui4 (the) most/-est
chong2/zhong4 to double/to repeat/repetition/iteration/again/a layer, heavy/serious
bing4 and/furthermore/(not) at all/simultaneously/also/together with/to combine/to join/to merge, amalgamate/combine, and/also/together with
wu4 thing/object/matter
shou3 hand/convenient
ying1/ying4 ought, (surname)/to answer/to respond
zhan4 to fight/fight/war/battle
xiang4 direction/part/side/towards/to/guide/opposite to, guide/opposite to
tou2/tou head, suff. for nouns
wen2 language/culture/writing/formal/literary
ti3 body/form/style/system
zheng4 political/politics/government
mei3 America/beautiful
xiang1/xiang4 each other/one another/mutually, appearance/portrait/picture
jian4/xian4 to see/to meet/to appear (to be sth)/to interview, appear
bei4 by (marker for passive-voice sentences or clauses)/quilt/blanket/to cover/to wear
li4 advantage/benefit/profit/sharp
shen2/shi2 what, tenth (used in fractions)
er4 two/2
deng3 class/rank/grade/equal to/same as/wait for/await/et cetera/and so on
chan3 to reproduce/to produce/give birth/products/produce/resources/estate/property
huo4 maybe/perhaps/might/possibly/or
xin1 meso- (chem.)/new/newly
ji3 6th heavenly stem/self
zhi4 system/to make/to manufacture/to control/to regulate, manufacture
shen1 body/torso/person/life/status/pregnancy/(a measure word used for clothes) suit
guo3 fruit/result
jia1 to add/plus
xi1 west
si1 (phonetic)/this
yue4 moon/month
hua4 dialect/language/spoken words/speech/talk/words/conversation/what someone said
ge3/he2 one-tenth of a peck, Chinese musical note/fit/to join
hui2 (a measure word for matters or actions) a time/to circle/to go back/to turn around/to answer/to return/to revolve/Islam
te2/te4 special/unusual/extraordinary, male animal/special (-ly)
dai4 substitute/replace/generation/dynasty/geological era/era/age/period
nei4 inside/inner/internal/within/interior
xin4 letter/true/to believe/sign/evidence
biao3 surface/exterior/to watch/to show/express/an example/a list or table/a meter/a watch/chart/external
hua4 to make into/to change into/-ization/to … -ize/to transform
lao3 (a prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family to indicate affection or familiarity)/old (of
gei3/ji3 to/for/for the benefit of/to give/to allow/to do sth (for sb)/(passive particle), to supply/provide
shi4 life/age/generation/era/world/lifetime
wei4 position/location/(measure word for persons)/place/seat
ci4 nth/number (of times)/order/sequence/next/second(ary)/(measure word)
du4 capacity/degree/standard
men2 opening/door/gate/doorway/gateway/valve/switch/way to do something/knack/family/house/(religious) sect/school (of thought)/class/categormy)
ren4 to assign/to appoint/office/responsibility
chang2 always/ever/often/frequently/common/general/constant
xian1 early/prior/former/in advance/first
hai3 ocean/sea
tong1 go through/know well/to connect/to communicate/open
jiao1/jiao4 teach, religion/teaching
er2/er son, non-syllabic dimi. suff.
yuan2 former/original/primary/raw/level/cause/source
dong1 east
sheng1 sound/voice/(a measure word, used for sounds)/tone/noise
di1/ti2 carry (suspended), to carry/to lift/to put forward/(upwards character stroke)/lifting (brush stroke in painting)/to mention
li4 set up/to stand
ji2 to reach/and
bi3/bi4 (particle used for comparison and “-er than”)/to compare/to contrast/to gesture (with hands)/ratio, associate with/be near
yuan2 person/employee/member
jie3/jie4/xie4 to separate/to divide/to break up/to loosen/to explain/to untie/to emancipate, transport under guard, (surname)
shui3 water/river
ming2 name/(measure word for persons)/place (e.g. among winners)
zhen1 real/true/genuine
lun2/lun4 the Analects (of Confucius), by the/per/discuss/theory/to talk (about)/to discuss
chu3/chu4 to reside/to live/to dwell/to be in/to stay/get along with/to be in a position of/deal with, a place/location/spot/poespect
zou3 to walk/to go/to move
yi4 justice/righteousness/meaning
ge4 each/every
ru4 to enter
ji1/ji3 small table, almost, a few/how many, how much/how many/several/a few
kou3 mouth/(a measure word)
ren4 to recognize/to know/to admit
tiao2 measure word for long, thin things (i.e. ribbon, river, etc.)/a strip/item/article
ping2 flat/level/equal/to make the same score/to tie/to draw/calm/peaceful
xi4 be/connection/relation/tie up/bind, be/system/to tie/department/faculty, connect/to tie
qi4 air/anger/gas, gas/air/smell/weather/vital breath/to make sb. angry/to get angry/to be enraged
ti2 topic/subject/to inscribe/to superscribe
huo2 to live/alive/living/work/workmanship
er3 thus/so/like that/you/thou
geng1/geng4 to change, more/even more/further/still/still more
bie2/bie4 leave/depart/separate/distinguish/classify/other/another/do not/must not/to pin, contrary/difficult/awkward
da2/da3 dozen, beat/strike/break/mix up/build/fight/fetch/make/tie up/issue/shoot/calculate/since/from
nu:3/nv3 female/woman
bian4 to change/to become different/to transform/to vary/rebellion
si4 four/4
shen2 God/unusual/mysterious/soul/spirit/divine essence/lively/spiritual being
zong3 always/to assemble/gather/total/overall/head/chief/general/in every case
he2 carry/what/how/why/which
dian4 electric/electricity/electrical
shu3/shu4/shuo4 to count, number/figure/to count/to calculate/several, frequently/repeatedly
an1 content/calm/still/quiet/to pacify/peace
shao3/shao4 few/little/lack, young
bao4 to announce/to inform/report/newspaper/recompense/revenge
cai2 ability/talent/endowment/gift/an expert/only (then)/only if/just, just/not until
jie1/jie2 knot/sturdy/to bear (fruit)/bond/to tie/to bind
fan3 wrong side out or up/anti-
shou4 to bear/to stand/to endure/(passive marker)/to receive
mu4 eye/item/section/list/catalogue/table of contents/order (taxonomy)/goal/name/title
tai4 highest/greatest/too (much)/very/extremely
liang2/liang4 to measure, capacity/quantity/amount/to estimate
zai4 again/once more/re-/second/another
gan3 to feel/to move/to touch/to affect
jian4 to establish/to found/to set up/to build/to construct
wu4 affair/business/matter
zuo4 to do/to make/to produce
jie1 to extend/to connect/to receive/to join
bi4 certainly/must/will/necessarily
chang3 a courtyard/open space/place/field/a measure word/(a measure word, used for sport or recreation)
jian4 a measure word for thing, clothes, item
ji4 to calculate/to compute/to count/reckon/ruse/to plan
guan3 to take care (of)/to control/to manage/to be in charge of/to look after/to run/tube/pipe
qi1 a period of time/phase/stage/(used for issue of a periodical, courses of study)/time/term/period/to hope
shi4 market/city
zhi2 straight/vertical/frank/directly/straightly/upright
de2 Germany/virtue/goodness/morality/ethics/kindness/favor/character/kind
zi1 resources/capital/to provide/to supply/to support/money/expense
ming4 life/fate
shan1 mountain/hill
jin1 metal/money/gold
zhi3 finger/to point/to direct/to indicate
ke4 gram/subdue/to restrain/to overcome, subdue
xu3 to allow/to permit/to praise/(surname)
tong3 to gather/to unite/to unify/whole
ou1/qu1 Ou (surname), area/region/district/small/distinguish
bao3 to defend/to protect/to insure or guarantee/to maintain/hold or keep/to guard
zhi4 arrive/most/to/until
dui4 squadron/team/group
xing2 to appear/to look/form/shape
she4 society/group
bian4/pian2 ordinary/plain/convenient/handy/easy/then/so/thus/to relieve oneself, advantageous/cheap
kong1/kong4 air/sky/empty/in vain, emptied/leisure
jue2 breach (a dyke)/to decide/to determine
zhi4 to rule/to govern/to manage/to control/to harness (a river)/cure/treatment/to heal
zhan3 to use/to spread out/to postpone/to unfold
ma3 horse/horse chess piece/Surname
ke1 branch of study/administrative section/division/field/branch/stage directions/family (taxonomy)/rules/laws/to mete out (punishment)/to levy (taxes, etc.)/to
si1 company/control
wu3 five/5
ji1 base/foundation/basic/radical (chem.)
yan3 eye
shu1 book/letter
fei1 non-/not-/un-
ze2 (expresses contrast with a previous sentence or clause)/standard/norm/rule/to imitate/to follow/then/principle
ting1/ting4 listen/hear/obey, let/allow
bai2 white/snowy/empty/blank/bright/clear/plain/pure/gratuitous
que4 but/yet/however/while/to go back/to decline/to retreat/nevertheless
jie4 boundary/scope/extent/circles/group/kingdom (taxonomy)
da2 attain/pass through/achieve/reach/realize/clear/inform/notify/dignity
guang1 light/ray/bright
fang4 to release/to free/to let go/to put/to place/to let out
qiang2 strength/force/power/powerful/better
ji2 namely/right away/to approach/to draw near
xiang4 (look) like/similar (to)/appearance/to appear/to seem/image/portrait/resemble/seem
nan2/nan4 difficult (to…)/problem/difficulty/difficult/not good, disaster/distress/to scold
qie3 further/moreover
quan2 authority/power/right
si1 to think/to consider
wang2 king/Wang (proper name)
xiang4 shape/form/appearance/elephant/image under a map (math.)
wan2 to finish/to be over/whole/complete/entire
she4 to set up/to arrange/to establish/to found/to display
shi4 type/form/pattern/style
se4/shai3 color/look/appearance, color/dice
lu4 (surname)/road/path/way
ji4 to remember/to note/mark/sign/to record
nan2 south
pin3 conduct/grade/thing/product/good
zhu4 to live/to dwell/to reside/to stop
gao4 to tell/to inform/to say
lei4 kind/type/class/category/similar/like/to resemble
qiu2 to seek/to look for/to request/to demand/to beseech
ju1/ju4 sickness of hand, act in accordance with/seize, according to/to act in accordance with/to depend on/to seize/to occupy
cheng2 rule/order/regulations/formula/journey/procedure/sequence/a surname
bei3 north
bian1 side/edge/margin/border/boundary
si3 to die/inpassable/uncrossable/inflexible/rigid
zhang1 (a measure word)/(a surname)/open up
gai1 that/the above-mentioned/most likely/to deserve/should/ought to/owe
jiao1 to deliver/to turn over/to make friends/to intersect (lines)/to pay (money)
gui1 compass/rule
wan4 Wan (surname)/ten thousand/a great number
qu3 to take/to get/to choose/to fetch
la1 to pull/to play (string instruments)/to drag/to draw
ge2 frame/rule
wang4 hope/expect/to visit/to gaze (into the distance)/look towards/towards
jiao4/jue2 a nap/a sleep, feel/find that/thinking/awake/aware
shu4/zhu2 method/technique, Atractylis lancea var. ovata
ling3 neck/collar/to lead/to receive
gong4 all together/in while/to share/common/general/together
que4 authenticated/solid/firm, authenticated/solid/firm/real/true
chuan2/zhuan4 to pass on/to spread/to transmit/to infect/to transfer/to circulate/to pass on/to conduct (electricity), biography
shi1 a division (milit.)/teacher/master/expert/model
guan1/guan4 to look at/to watch/to observe/to behold, Taoist monastery
qing1 clear/distinct/complete/pure
jin1 today/modern/present/current/this/now
qie1/qie4 to cut/to slice, close to
yuan4 courtyard/institution
rang4 to ask/to let/permit/have (someone do something)/to yield/to allow
shi2/zhi4 to know/knowledge, to record/write a footnote
hou4 wait
dai4 band/belt/girdle/ribbon/area/zone/region/wear/carry/lead/bring/consists of/show/and
dao3 to transmit/to lead/to guide/to conduct/to direct
zheng1 struggle/fight
yun4 to move/to transport/to use/to apply/fortune/luck/fate
xiao4 laugh/smile
fei1 to fly
feng1 wind/news/style/custom/manner
bu4 a step/a pace/walk/march/stages in a process
gai3 to change/to alter/to transform/to correct
shou1 to receive/to accept/to collect/in care of (used on address line after name)
gen1 radical (chem.)/root/basis
gan1/gan4 dry/to concern/shield, to work/to do/to manage, manage/stem
zao4 to make/to build/to invent/to manufacture
yan2 to speak/to say/talk/word
lian2 to ally/to unite/to join
chi2 to grasp/to hold/support/manage/direct/maintain
zu3 to form/compose/make up/group/to organize/cord
mei3 each/every
ji4 aid/ferry/frugal
che1/ju1 car/a vehicle/machine/to shape with a lathe, vehicle on land
qin1/qing4 dear/intimate/parent/relation/closely related, parents-in-law of one’s offspring
ji2 extremely/pole (geography, physics)/utmost/top
lin2 woods/forest
fu2 clothes/dress/garment/submit/take (medicine)
kuai4 fast/quick/swift
ban4 to do/to manage/to handle/to go about/to run/to set up/to deal with
yi4 criticize/discuss
wang3/wang4 to go (in a direction)/past/previous/towards, toward/(of a train) bound for
yuan2 (dynasty)/dollar/primary/first
ying1 (surname)/English/brave
shi4 scholar/warrior/knight
zheng4 prove, confirm, verify/proof, certificate/proof/to prove/to demonstrate/to confirm/certificate/proof
jin4 near/close (to)/approximately
shi1 to lose/to miss/to fail
zhuan3/zhuan4 to convey/to forward (mail)/to transfer/to turn/to shift, to revolve/to turn/to circle about/to walk about
fu1 porter, husband/man
ling4 make or cause to be/order/command/decree/honorable
zhun3 to allow/to grant/to permit/accurate/standard, accurate/standard
bu4 diffuse/extend/notify, to declare/to announce/to spread/to make known/spread/(cotton) cloth
shi3 begin
zen3 how
ne/ni2 (question particle), woolen material
cun2 exist/deposit/store/keep/survive
wei4 1-3 p.m./8th earthly branch/not yet/did not/have not/not
yuan3 far/distant/remote
jiao4 to (be) call(ed)
tai2 surname/(classical) you (in letters)/platform/Taiwan (abbr.), desk/platform, (measure word)/platform/stage/tion/broadcasting station, typhoon
chan2/dan1/shan4 chieftain, bill/list/form/single/only/sole, (surname)
ying3 picture/image/reflection/shadow
ju4 tool/device/utensil/equipment/instrument
luo1/luo2 fussy/talkative, subordinate in a gang of bandits, (surname)/gauze/to collect/to gather/to catch/to shift
zi4 letter/symbol/character/word
ai4 to love/affection/to be fond of/to like
ji1 to hit/to strike/to break
liu2 to flow/to spread/to circulate/to move
bei4 to prepare/get ready/to provide or equip
bing1 soldiers/a force/an army/weapons/arms/military/warlike
lian2 (surname)/even/as/join/to link/successively
diao4/tiao2 mode (music)/to move (troops)/tune/tone/melody/to transfer, harmonize/reconcile/blend/suit well/provoke/incite
shen1 deep/profound
shang1 commerce/consult
suan4 regard as/to figure/to calculate/to compute
zhi4 hostage/substance/nature/quality
tuan2 regiment/round/circular/group/society, dumpling
ji2 to gather/to collect/collected works
bai3 hundred
xu1 to require/to need/to want/necessity/need
jia4/jie price/value/valence (on an atom), great/good/middleman/servant
hua1 flower/blossom/to spend (money, time)/fancy pattern
dang3 party, party/association/club/society
hua2/hua4 (abbreviation for) China/(surname) Hua/magnificent/splendid/flowery, (surname)/name of a mountain
cheng2 city walls/city/town
dan4/shi2 10 pecks, rock/stone
ji2 level/grade/rank/step
zheng3 exactly/in good order/whole/complete/entire/in order/orderly
fu3 prefecture/mansion
li2 to leave/to depart/to go away/from
kuang4 moreover/situation
ya4 Asia/Asian/second/next to/inferior
qing3 to ask/to invite/please (do sth)/to treat (to a meal, etc)/to request
ji4 skill
ji4 border/edge/boundary/between/among/interval/while
yao1/yue1 weigh, appointment/agreement/to arrange/to restrict/approximately
shi4 to show/reveal
fu4 again/recover/reply to a letter/to repeat/to duplicate, repeat, double, overlap
bing4 ailment/sickness/illness/disease/fall ill/sick/defect
xi1 news/interest/breath/rest
jiu1 after all/to investigate/to study carefully
xian4 thread/string/wire/line
si4 to seem/to appear/similar/like/to resemble
guan1 official/government
huo3 fire
duan4 absolutely/decidedly (in negative constructions)/break/to judge
jing1 energy/perfect/excellent/refined/very/proficient
man3 Manchurian/to fill/to fulfill/filled/packed
zhi1 (a measure word)/to support/to sustain/to erect/to raise/branch/division/to draw money
shi4 to look at/to regard/to inspect
xiao1 consume/news/subside/to disappear/to vanish
yue4 to exceed/to climb over/to surpass/the more … the more
qi4 device/tool/utensil
rong2 to hold/to contain/to allow/appearance/look/countenance
zhao4 according to/in accordance with/to shine/to illuminate/to reflect/photograph
xu1 beard/necessary/must, beard/mustache
jiu3 nine/9
zeng1 to increase/to expand/to add
yan2 grind fine/study/research
xie3 to write
chen4/cheng1/cheng4 balanced/to fit/well-off/suitable, to call/to praise/to weigh/to estimate/to consider/to call/to address/to name/to say/commend, steelyar
qi3 plan a project/stand on tiptoe
ba1 eight/8
gong1 merit/achievement/result/service/accomplishment
ma3/ma morphine, (question tag)
bao1 to cover/to wrap/to hold/to include/to take charge of/package/wrapper/container/bag/to hold or embrace/bundle/packet/to contract (to or for)
pian1/pian4 disc/sheet, a slice/piece/flake/thin/slice
shi3 history
wei1/wei3 crooked, give up/indeed/to commission
hu1 (interrog. part.)
cha2/zha1 to research/to check/to investigate/to examine/to refer to/to search, (surname)
qing1 light/easy/gentle/soft/reckless/unimportant/frivolous/small in number/unstressed/neutral/soft
yi4 (surname)/change/easy/simple
zao3 early/morning
ceng2/zeng1 (refers to something that happened previously)/already/at some time in the past/before/once, (surname)/great-grand (father)
chu2 remove/do away with/wipe out/divide/except
nong2 agriculture
zhao3 to try to find/to look for/to call on (sb)/to find/to seek/to return/to look for
zhuang1 adornment/adorn/costume/dress/clothing
guang3 wide/numerous/to spread
xian3 prominent/conspicuous
ba1/ba (onomat.)/dumb, (modal particle indicating polite suggestion)/…right?/…OK?
a1/a4/a/e1 an initial particle/prefix to names of people, (phonetic character), (final part.)/(interj.), flatter
li3 (a surname)/plum
biao1 the topmost branches of a tree/surface/sign/to mark/(outward) sign/indication/prize/award/bid
tan2 to speak/to talk/to converse/to chat/to discuss/(surname)
chi1/ji2 eat/eradicate/destroy/receive, eat, stammer
tu2 diagram/to plan/picture/drawing/chart
nian4 read aloud, to read aloud
liu4 six/6
yin3 to lead/to divert (water)/to guide
li4 calendar, to experience/to undergo/to pass through/all/each/every/calendar
shou3 head/chief/first (occasion)/first (thing)/measure word for poems
yi1 medical/medicine/doctor/to cure/to treat
ju2 narrow, (a measure word used for games) set or round office/situation/office
tu1 to dash/to move forward quickly
zhuan1 for a particular person, occasion, purpose/focused on one thing/special/expert/particular (to sth)/concentrated/specialized, concentrated/specializ
fei4 to cost/to spend/fee/wasteful/expenses/(surname)
hao2/hao4 roar/cry, day of a month/(suffix used after) name of a ship/(ordinal) number
jin3/jin4 to the utmost, to use up/to exhaust/to end/to finish/to the utmost/exhausted/finished/to the limit (of sth)
ling4 other/another/separate/separately
zhou1 (surname)/complete/encircle/circuit/lap/week/cycle/all/every/attentive/thoughtful, bestow alms, cycle/week
jiao4 clear/distinct/compare/comparatively
zhu4 to inject/to pour into/to concentrate/to pay attention/to note/to comment on/to record/to register/to annotate, annotate
yu3/yu4 dialect/language/speech, tell to
jin3 barely/only/merely
kao3 to check/to verify/to test/to examine
la4/luo4 leave behind, alight/to fall/to drop (behind)
qing1 green (blue, black)
sui2 to follow/to comply with/to allow/(surname)
xuan3 to choose/to pick/to select/to elect
lie4 to arrange/to line up/row/file/series
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