Chinese Discoveries and Inventions

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What were some of the subjects that Chinese scholars studied?
Engineering, mathematics, science, and medicine
When did the Tang and Song dynasties take place?
200 to 1400 CE
What is a magnetic compass and why was it useful?
magnetized needle, aligns itself with the earths magnetic poles, helped the chinese navigate on long voyages
What improved travel by sea?
first compass, improved boat construction
How was boat construction improved?
used calk to make separate watertight compartments
How was travel improved on Rivers, Lakes, Canals, and Bridges?
Paddle wheel boat, Canal lock, and Segmental arched bridge
Why was the paddle wheel boat useful?
made travel faster and it was easier to maneuver
What is a canal lock?
What were segmental arched bridges?
arches were smaller segments of a circle, 618 CE
What were some major industries in China?
paper, printing, tea, porcelain
What made them major industries?
items were mass produced and appraised for trade
How was paper made in the second century CE?
from hemp then the bark of the mulberry tree
Why was paper unique to china?
only people in world who made paper for 500 years
How did printing change between the 7th century and the 11th century?
in the 7th century there was woodblock printing where the printer drew characters on paper glued, carved it, and covered it with ink. in the 11th century there were separate blocks for each character used for movable type
How could you tell that tea was a popular industry?
tea houses popped up throughout the county, books were written about tea
Who wrote the book called Tea Classic?
Lu Yu wrote it to describe how to prepare and drink tea
Where did tea planting spread to?
japan, europe, indonesia
How were tea plants cultivated?
shrubs with leaves that are hand picked and dried
What is porcelain?
type of fine china invented in the 1st century CE made by combining clay with quartz and feldspar, then baked in a kiln and then glazed
When did the Chinese first make steel?
before 200 BCE
Why was steel a good choice?
it was easier to bend because it was less brittle than iron
what did the mass production of steel lead to?
industrial revolution in the west
what was steel made from?
cast iron
how did gunpowder get developed?
chinese alchemists discovered it by accident
when was the first time gunpowder was documented?
850 during the Tang dynasty alchemists recorded the formula
what were some weapons that used gunpowder?
flame thrower, artillery shells, and grenades
when was rocket technology developed
during the Song dynasty
how was the rocket used as a weapon?
as a rocket that propelled upward then dropped arrows
what were some of the everyday items created by the chinese?
game cards, paper money, mechanical clock
how were game cards made?
printers used woodblock printing with thicker paper
when was paper money invented?
late 8th, early 9th century
when was the first mechanical clock made?
8th century
what made the mechanical clock better than previous devices?
kept time more accurately
how did the clock work?
chinese devised a wheel that made one complete turn in 24 hours, dripping water made the wheel turn, every quarter hour drums would beat and every hour a bell would chime
what did chinese know about infectious disease
spread from person to person, caused by germs
how was disease prevented or ended
poison smoke, steaming clothes and hot temperatures
how did chinese create an innoculation?
physicians took a small part of a scab from an infected person, ground it into a powder, then inserted it into the nose of a person they wanted to protect against the disease
what were some results of the innoculations?
some people became ill, also led to the creation of a vaccine
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