Chinese Final Exam Culture Questions

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How many zodiac animals are there in the Chinese Lunar Year
What do people usually say to each other on the CNY or the Spring Festival
Chūnjié kuàilè (春节快乐)
In the Chinese culture, which birthday is the most important?
1st Birthday
At a typical Chinese banquet, when is rice usually served?
End of meal
How many years in the compulsory education in China?
Which foreign language is most widely studied in China?
When is the Chinese National Day?
October 1st
How many digits is China’s cell phone number composed of?
What is the currency used in China?
the Yuan Renminibi (元)
What is the monster Nian afraid of based on the Chinese fairy tale?
The color red and loud noises
What is the country code for China?
What do people usually have when it is Mid-Autumn Festival?
Moon cake
Why do people put the character福upside down on the Chinese new year?
It means happiness is coming
When is the Spring Festival or the Chinese New Year?
January 1 of the lunar calendar
What food or dishes are often prepared when celebrating the birthday of senor adults?
What do people put in dumplings on the Chinese New Year
Coins, Candy, Chinese Onion
How many ethnic groups are there in China?
What is the most dominant ethnic group?
In China, the educational system is expressed numerically, What does 6-3-3 mean?
6 Years of Elementary, 3 Years of Middle, 3 Years of High School
What is the year 2012 in the zodiac animal cycle?
Dragon – Lóng – 龙
How many most famous cuisines are there in China?
What do people usually eat in Northern China on the Chinese New Year?
Dumplings – Jiǎozi – 饺子
What do people usually eat in Southern China on the Chinese New Year?
New Year Cake – Niángāo – 年糕
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