Lesson 1 The Birth Of Chinese Cilization

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The mountains made it possible for China to develop unique culture and civilization.
How did mountains and deserts affect China’s civilization?
River provided rich soil for farming, water for trade, and transportation.
How did rivers help civilization develop in China?
Is a military leader who has his own army.
What is a warlord?
Which group of people made up most of Chinese society?
A pictograph are character that represent objects and ideograph are another kind of character. They link two or more pictographs to express an idea.
What is the difference between a pictograph and an ideograph?
So their ancestors could help make important decision.
Why did Shang kings have questions scratched on oracle bones?
Passed down from parent to child.
What does hereditary mean?
Better irrigation systems
What technology was developed in China during the Zhou dynasty?
The Haung Heor Yellow River & Regularly flooded and created good.
List two different landforms and explain how each one helped shape Chinese history.
Built the first cities in China and Zhou possible answers
List one accomplishment of the Shang dynasty and one accomplishment of Zhou dynasty?
Shang Kings large armies that defended the kingdom border the king also appointed war to govern local territories.
Assessing: How did the Shang Kings control China?
Shang worshipped many Gods & Goddesses the honorings of ancestors the use of oracle bones.
Describing: What was religion like in Shang China?
They Farmed.
Identifying: What did most people living Shang China do for work?
A pictograph are characters that represent objects and ideograph are another type of characters. They link two or more pictograph to express ideas.
Explaining: What is the difference between a pictograph and an ideograph?
Made day molds in several parts, carved designs into the clay, joined the parts of the mold together in melted, removed the mold.
Sequencing: What were the steps used by Shang artists to create bronze objects?
The priests scratch questions on the oracle bones such as, “Will I win the battle?” Priests heated the bones until they cracked.
Describing: How were bones used during the Shang dynasty to predict the future?
Zhou Kings governed China much like Shang rulers. The King led the government, ruling with the help of a?
The Shang King divided the kingdom into?
He assigned loyal blank to govern each of the territories?
These positions were blank when an aristocrat died, a son or another member of his family governed the territory.
Zhou kings introduced a new idea to Chinese government. They claimed that the king’s right to rule came from the?
Mandate of Heaven
This is called the blank what kind of Heaven?
The king must rule by the proper “Way,” known as the?
Under Zhou Kings, the Chinese developed new systems to farmers were able to grow more crops than ever before China’s trade also expanded.
Blank have found Greece.
Their findings suggest that Chinese blank reached many different areas of the world.
Over time, the blank who ruled the territories of the Zhou kingdom grew more powerful. These rulers began to fight one another for power.
Period of the warring
These wars began in the 400s BC and went on for nearly 200 years. Because each aristocrat formed his own state, this time in China’s history is called?
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