Chapter 3 Spanish, French, Dutch colonies

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Who took the lead in establishing colonies in the western hemisphere?
What gave spain a one hundred year head start?
Columbuses discovery
Who was Spain’s rival?
Where did Portugal establish a colony?
Where did the Spanish first set up colonies?
What did Columbus do on his second voyage
He brought 1200 soldiers and colonists
What did Christopher Columbus establish
The towns of Isabella and Santo Domingo on the island of Hispaniola
How did the first Spanish settlements do
They struggled to survive and made local people slaves
Why do the local people die so quickly
They did not have immunity to small pox or any other European disease
What did the Spanish do after all their slaves died
They imported new ones from Africa
What was the first territory Spain wanted to gain control of
What empire was Mexico a part of
The Aztec
Who was the Aztecs empire
Who invaded Mexico
Hernando Cortez
How many men did Cortez have
How did Cortez capture the city of Tenochtitlan
The people were ready to rebel against him so he sided
How was Montezuma killed
He was killed in the fighting
What do Cortez do once he defeat the Aztec
He emptied the treasure house and sent the gold and silver back to Spain
What did Spain do in Mexico
Local people were sent and worked as farmers.they raised cattle and mined silver
What did Francisco Pizarro do
He led Spanish army against the incas
What did Pizarro do to the ruler
He asked for all his gold and silver in exchange of his life
What was the Incan ruler named
What dis Pizarro do after he got his gold
He murdered Atahualpa
What did the Spanish do after the ruler was killed
Destroyed empire and took all the wealth from the cities
What did Spain do with South America
They made cattle ranches and worked at the silver mines
What did Spain become
The richest country in Europe
What did Cortez want more of
Why did the Aztec emperor let Cortez into the city
The emperor thought he was the white god
What region did Spain colonizing in the late 1500’s
Spanish Borderlands
What did Spain want want to bring to the native people
Why did Spain want to make a barrier
So the French and english would not invade their region
What is the name if the town that had the Spanish fort
St. Augustine
Where was St. Augustine
Atlantic coast of Florida
What is the oldest continuous settlement in USA
St. Augustine
Why was St. Augustine dangerous
Many attacks were made on it
Why did the Spanish import food to St. Augustine
There were not many farmers
Juan de onate
He led 400 settlers north of Mexico and settled in New Mexico
What town did the Spanish establish
Santa Fe
What did colonial governors do
Imposed Spanish rule over pueblo Indians
How did the Spanish treat the indians
They treated them badly, they took away there food and made them work all day
What did the pueblo do in 1680 that caused Spanish to flee
When the Spanish came back what did they do differently
They treated the pueblo differently
Who were the first settlers in Arizona and California
Catholic priests
What did priests build when they settled
Who founded 8 missions in Arizona
Eusebio kino
Who founded 20 missions in California
Father Junipero Serra
What did a mission include
Church, living quarters for priests and soldiers and shelters for Indians
Why did priests invite local people
To convert them to Christianity
Hat was the largest empire since Roman
Who were late comers to colonizing America
French and Dutch
What were French focused on before colonizing
european polotics
What was France focused on
Fur trade
Where the first French settlements
Quebec and Montreal
Where did French fur traders go once a year
Algonquin and Huron villages
What did they do at their year trip
Helped fight enemy Iroquois they traded the entire trip
What did France trade
Beaver, mink, otter pelts
Why did French want to control Mississippi River valley
It was rich in animal pelts
Why did they build a fort
To stop Spanish from northwards expansion
What did they name the fort
Fort Detroit
What did Dutch like
Fur trading
What trading post did they set up
Fort Nassau
Where is fort Nassau
Hudson river
Where is new Netherlands
New York and New Jersey
How did Peter Minuit get part of Manhattan island
Sold it to chief
How much did he pay for the island
24 dollars in trinkets
What did he call Manhattan island
New Amsterdam
If you brought 50 families to new land what did you become
An area that is controlled by or belongs to a country that is usually far way from it
To establish
A serious disease that causes high fever rash and sometimes death
Spanish borderlands
A large area that was poor that extended from California to Florida
Something that blocks or prevents movement from one place to another
To affect someone or something by using your authority
A living area or community made by priests
A group of countries or regions that controlled by one ruler
New France
An area in Canada where France settled
New Netherlands
In present day NY, NJ. A Dutch colony
New Amsterdam
A Dutch settlement on Manhattan island
An owner of land (created by Dutch)
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