Dutch Colonization

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What did the Dutch focus on when colonizing?
* Trade rather than land
Where was the Dutch territory centered?
* Around the Hudson River
* A confederation of Iroquois who traded with the Dutch
New Netherland
* In early 1600’s the Dutch sent an Englishman named Henry Hudson to explore the American northeast
* Established a fur trade around the Mohawk and Mahican tribes
Dutch West India Company
* Chartered company used to establish Dutch colonies in America
* Centers originally colony around Manhattan
* Colony is originally based around trade but converted to a settlement focus to counter growing English competition
* Late 1620’s
* Extensive land grants to encourage settlement
* Only one survived after the failure of most
Williem Kieft
* 1637-1647
* Made governor of New Netherland
* Ends West Indie Company’s monopoly on fur trade
How did the Dutch colonies change under Kieft?
* Dutch turn to shipping other nations goods at cheaper rates
* New Netherlands becomes very diverse colony
* Slavery under the Dutch was very fluid and slaves had more freedom than English slaves
Kieft’s War
* 1642
* Small conflict between natives and colonists
* Kieft was dismissed as the war was bad for trade
Pieter Stuyvesant
* 1647-1664
* Replaces Kieft
* Creates stronger alliance with Iroquois
* Increases colonial trade
* 1613
* Treaty between the Dutch and Iroquois to increase trade
Two Row Wampum Treaty Belt
* Belt which represented the Guswenta
Anglo-Dutch War
* English send forces to demand the surrender of New Netherland
* The Dutch led by Stuyvesant, grudgingly accept
End of New Netherland
* Upon the surrender of the Dutch the English assume control of New Netherland, including Manhattan
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