Early US: French and Dutch Colonies Study Guide

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In what year did French fishing boats start arriving in America?
Early 1500’s (1524)
Where did France begin its exploration?
The Eastern Coast between North Carolina and New Netherlands
Why did it soon stop its explorations in that area as well as throughout the Americas until the 1600’s?
Domestic Problems
With what group of Indians did the french become involved in the Americas? What did the leader do to accomplish this?
Samuel Chaplain shot three Iroquois leaders showing he was powerful. He also offered military assistance against the Iroquois.
With what industry did the French pickup and what were the people called?
Fur trading
Coureur de bois : “Runner of the woods”
What was the government of new France like?
There was no local legislative body
Government of the colonies were selected by the king of France
The french colonies were controlled by the king of France
What was France’s Immigrant policy like?
Immigrants must be roman catholic
No French Huguenots
What was France’s land policy like?
Kings would give land grants for peasants to live on
What was France’s economy like?
Fur trading
No agriculture
What Indians were the dutch friendly?
The Iroquois
Solely because the French allied with the Algonquins
What is the gateway to the American west? Why did the dutch strategically want to capture this area?
Locked access from the French to the Ohio river valley and splintered the English colony
It made sure the French could not unify as one
What did the Provisional order of 1624 mandate?
The West India Company would hire a director general and was on top. (not hired by the king) Then the stage general (lower than the director general) had the right to appeal any laws made by the director general.
What were the immigration policies of the dutch?
Accepted Jews, Baptists, Quakers, Lutherans, Calvinists to live in the colonies
What was the Dutch’s land policy?
Started patroon ship system : wealthy people get huge amount of land for anything they want in return they had to bring settlers
You could buy land as long as you don’t leave Holland
Why were the Dutch NOT successful?
Felt very resentful towards autocratic gov. (gov. ruled by a king)
By 1664, how many people lived in new Netherlands?
1500 population
What religion did Stuyvesant try to impose on the citizens of the New Netherlands?
Tried to impose Dutch Reformed faith on New Netherland’s religious minorities
What was Stuyvesant’s strategy to get people to pay it without great rebellion?
Compromise : They would elect 18 people and he would chose 9 out of those 18: Then decide together
What group did Stuyvesant want to exclude?
Wanted to exclude jews
Why did Peter Stuyvesant have to greatly increase the amount of taxes in New Netherlands?
War had a toll and they needed more people for the army
Why didn’t Stuyvesant’s compromise not work?
The west Indies appealed it
What was the economic development of the new Netherlands?
Fur trading
Indentured servants
Small farms called bouweries
What brought on the Dutch-Anglo wars wand when did teh first one occur
Uneasy neighbors
The England colonies were expanding into the Hudson
What is the treaty of Hartford? –1650
English settlers had to stay 10 miles from the hudson river: did not end well
What were the resulted from the Dutch-Anglo wars?
Dutch settlers got the rights of Englishmen: religious tolerance, appeal
New Netherlands was taken over by James Duke of NY
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