History of Graphic Design – Dutch GD

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Dutch Golden Age
large influx of money and intelligence helped the rise of the Dutch republic.
Gerrit Rietveld
Self-taught. Designed the Red, Yellow, and Blue chair. Sought to design and create mass produced furniture with a simple approach to construction. Member of De Stijl movement. Designed the Schroder House.
Photo Montage
montage constructed from photographic images.
Piet Mondrian
Published manifesto titled “Neo-Plasticism”. One of the founders of the Dutch modern movement De Stijl.
De Stij Movement
Aesthetic movement. Embraced all art forms from communication to architecture, with the intention of creating unity in the arts.
NKF – Delft Cables
Cable company in Holland. Zwart worked for them.
Theo van Doesberg
Leader of De Stijl movement.
Piet Zwart
Photographer. Progressive graphic designs for companies like PTT (Dutch Postal Offices) and cable manufacturer.
J.J.P Oud
Dutch architect. Follower of De Stijl movement. Designed the Cafe De Unie which is in Rotterdam.
The restriction of color palette and use of pure proportions were key components of this.
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