New European Colonies- French and Dutch

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Samuel de Champlain
french explorer, looked for the Northwest passage, explored the St. Lawrence River, founded Quebec
Northwest Passage
explorers hoped to find a waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific ocean- does not exist
French colony founded by Champlain
St. Lawrence River
explored by Champlain, where he founded Quebec
New France
French colonies in North America, including Montreal
beaver fur was sold for a lot of money in Europe, made Quebec a thriving trade center
Henry Hudson
English sea captain, sent by the Dutch to find new water routes to Asia, Hudson River named after him
New Netherland
Dutch colonies in North America
another name for Holland, the country of the Dutch
New Amsterdam
on Manhattan Island, the biggest and most important Dutch settlement in North America because of its ideal location on the Hudson River
New York City
English name for New Amsterdam
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