Spanish, French, Dutch Colonization Review

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40 years
The Dutch Colony only lasted this many years
Coureur de Bois
A french fur trapper is called this
This was an upper class person born in Spain
This was a middle class person born in America to Spanish parents
Santa Fe is an example of a United States city started by people from this country
This section of what is now New York State was colonized by the Dutch
The Spanish
These people came to America to make money by sugar cane plantations
The French
These people came to America to make money by fishing and fur trapping
Peter Stuyvesant (Albany has a shopping strip called Stuyvesant Plaza)
He was the governor of the New Netherlands colony for most of its history
St Lawrence
This is the most northern river on the New York map and is in the French colony
This country treated Indians as slaves and were the first to actively explore America
Duke of York
This englishman took over the Dutch colony of New Netherlands
Fur trapping
The Dutch colony made their money by this
Ft. Orange was a Dutch town now called this
Red Hook, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Kinderhook
These were Dutch names
The language spoken in South America
These were called middle class people
These were mixed spanish/Indian people
Samuel de Champlain
He was a french explorer who explored much of the St Lawrence River
Any town in New York that ends in “kill” was started by the Dutch
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