The Dutch "Golden age"

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the low countries
the Netherlands
Dutch “Golden Age”
no monarch!
federalist structure where the power is divided among people
trade and shipping is where they got most of their money, the sea is very important to them
stable, thriving economy
a certain level of religious toleration
“golden age” of artist and thinkers
Dutch society
Amsterdam, Rotterdam: granaries with enough surplus for one year
generally higher salaries than in any other parts of Western Europe
“protestant work ethic”
Weber thesis
had the highest standard of living in Europe
very protestant- beware of luxury is shown in art
“genre” painting
painting of everyday life
the light is always coming from the left side in his paintings
the Dutch economy
exported diamonds, linens, pottery
not much inflation
masters of the “carrying trade” (lowest shipping rates in Europe)
Cromwell intentionally hurt their economy
Dutch west India and Dutch east India company
Amsterdam stock market
Jewish refugees helped found it in 1602
stock exchanges helped the economy grow
begin to speculate- think something is going to take a lot of value but then it doesn’t (tulip bulbs)
Dutch intellectual life
had many universities, learned about anatomy, Vermeer used the camera obscura
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