The French and the Dutch

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Why did the French and the Dutch set up colonies?
They wanted the wealth that came with fur trade.
Who was Samuel de Champlain?
A group of merchants hired him to find a place to build a settlement. He foundd Quebec along the St. Lawrence River.
What was the first French settlement in North America?
Why did New France grow slowly?
Most French people were not interested in moving to North America.
Which 2 settlements did the French build in the 1600’s?
Quebec and Montreal
Where did the Dutch build their own colonies?
New Netherland-along the Hudson River, in parts off what are now NY and NJ.
Who was Peter Minuit?
Govenor of New Nethland
Who built New Amsterdam?
the Dutch
Where was New Amsterdam?
South end of Manhattan Island, built next to the harbor where the Hudson River flows into the Atlantic Ocean.
Why was New Amsterdam a good place?
Good place for trade. Ships could sail down the Hudson to New Amsterdam to drop off their furs and get supplies.
How did conflicts with the Dutch affect Native Americans in New Netherland?
The colonists and Native Americans attacked each others farms and villages. The colonists sent out an army that destroyed Native Americans villages all over New Netherland.
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