Ch 22.3

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What was the diplomatic policy of Japan under the Tokugawa rulers?
– it kept an isolationist policy
– only kept formal relations with Korea and only allowed the Dutch and the Chinese merchants to trade in their ports
Who was Matthew Perry and what did he do in Japan?
He was an American Commodore who arrived in Edo Bay with American fleet of 4 warships.
– he came to try to get Japan involved in trade and stop being so isolated
– he also brought a letter from the Pres. asking the Japanese to treat sailors better who were shipwrecked on the japanese islands ( cages)
– Also asked for open foreign relations between the US and Japan
who was the President of America at this time
Millard Fillmore
define concessions and use it in a sentence that applies to this section
Political compromises
Japan made concessions to allow shipwreck American sailors to be returned to America.
what did the treaty of Kanagawa do for the US
1. Returned American ship wrecked sailors
2. Opened two ports for Western traders
3. Created a US Consulate in Japan
What did President Fillmore want from the Japanese
– He wanted the US and Japan to live in friendship and to be able to trade with one another
What do you think would have happened if the president would have said no to the presidents request
– They would have attacked them with more ships and would not take no for and answer
Who resisted the changes in Japan
– Samurai Warriors Satsuma and Choshu did not want to have relations with the west and fought western military ships without luck
What happened of January of 1868
– The Sat-Cho leaders were very mad that the emperor was allowing foreigners to trade so on this date they attacked the shogun Palace in Kyoto and demanded that he resign.
– after a few weeks the shogun’s forces collapsed and the Meiji Restoration began
who was Mutsuhito
Emperor who ruled during the Meiji restoration is known as the “enlightened one”
Where did Mutsuhito move the Capital?
It was moved from Kyoto to Edo “present day Tokyo” because the new leaders lived there
What happened to the Daimyo under the new emperor
They got their land removed from them and instead were given government bonds and were named governors of territories of land
What were prefectures
New territories that the Daimyo’s were in control of
What was the Charter Oath and when was it signed?
Set out to create a modern political system which had a legislative assembly but still followed imperial rule
– it was signed in 1868
What did Ito Hirobumi do?
because the meiji govt wanted to study western political systems this man travled to great Britain, France, Germany and the US to study their governments
How did the farming system change in Japan under the new Meiji rule?
The farmers had to pay the land tax every year regardless of the quality of the harvest
By 1900 what happened to the Japanese economy?
Japans Industrial sector began to grow
– Tea,
– Silk,
– Weapons,
– Shipbuildings,
– Sake “Japanese Rice Wine”
Answer 1-2 on p. 741.
1. Ukiyo-e Pictures of floating world
2. Trade and Ideas
Explain how Japan changed its military.
To change their military Japan Modernized their weaponry to keep them up to dat on the best and most fit weapons for war
Describe the educational changes made during this time.
The Meiji realized the need for universal education including instruction and modern technology adopted model of American schools secondary schools and universities
List 3 ways society changed during the period.
a persons membership in a family , village and social class could have changed
Where did the Japanese expand to first?
They Claimed control of the Ryukyu Islands which belonged to the Chinese Empire
Why was Port Arthur Important
It was a Manchurian city captured by Japan during the 1894 war with China.
Who was Japan’s major rival for Korea?
Japans major rival was Russia over influence of Korea
Briefly explain the Russo-Japanese War and who ended it?
Japan launched a surprise attack on the Russian Naval base at port Arthur which Russia had taken from China in 1898 the commander of Russia said “it is impossible not to admire the bravery and activities of the Japanese the attack of the Japanese is a continuous succession of waves and never lacks the efforts by day or by night”
How did western culture shape Japan in the late 19th century?
Literature is greatly affected Japanese officers began translating and imitating imported models
Was there a push to move back to traditional society? If so, explain what happen?
Guess there was a push to go back to old techniques Artist wanted to search for new but truly Japanese means of expressions they wanted to go back to the old ways which were truly Japanese ways
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