Chapter 8 – Japan

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Japanese people lived on coastal plains because most of Japan
Japanese people lived on coastal plains because Japan was mostly mountains and unfarmable.
Why was Japan isolated from China and Korea in ancient times?
Japans island location prevented any contact with other cultures.
The diet of the Japanese consisted mainly of what?
The traditional religion of Japan is?
The efforts of Prince Shotoku led to the spread of ?
Who wrote many of the great works of early Japanese literature ?
Noble Women
What describes Heian Paintings ?
Bold scenes of nature and court life.
Zen Buddhist did not believe in what ?
That faith leads to wisdom.
What did Samurai soldiers receive in return for their military service ?
Samurai soldiers received food or land.
What was the main reason the emperor lost control of Japan to the Minamoto shogun ?
The emperor was too indulged in court life.
The emperor of Japan became a figurehead in the late 1100s, which means he ?
Appears to rule when someone else is actually in power.
Which is a true statement about life as a Samurai ?
Samurai may get married.
Bushido, “the way of the warrior,” represents ?
The rules of daily behavior followed by a Samurai.
Which is not a way the Samurai tradition survives in Japan ?
Showing disloyalty to family.
Loosing a fight, disobeying an order,or failing to protect his lord were all ways in which a Samurai could ?
Loose his honor.
Japanese nobles put aside their differences and united in 1274 to ?
Protect Japan from Mongol invasions.
What did two Mongol attacks have in common ?
They were both destroyed by weather.
During the 1400s Japan was ?
Split into many territories and ruled by various daimyos.
Who unified Japan in the 1500s ?
Oda Nobunaga.
The samurai period in Japan lasted until the 1800s for all of the following reasons except ?
Japanese believed Samurai were chosen by god.
The raked rock helped Zen Buddhist to ?
Why did nobles move to Heian during the 800s ?
So they could be closer to the emperor and win his favor.
Whats the order of most power to least power ?
Shogun, Daimyo, Samurai, Peasant.
How did Noh differ from earlier forms of Japanese drama ?
It was more serious.
How was the Buddhism of the Japanese nobles different from the Buddhism of the common people ?
Common people did not elaborate rituals.
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