Explain how the U.S. was able to defeat Japan in the Pacific War

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Reason #1
Despite the damage inflicted by the attack on Pearl Harbour the American Pacific fleet was not destroyed and was able to recover
Reason #2
When they attacked Pearl Harbour the Japanese failed to destroy the aircraft carriers which played a critical role in defeating Japan
Reason #3
The American victory at Midway was a turning point in the Pacific as the Americans sank four Japanese air craft carriers which was a devastating loss for the Japanese
Reason #4
Island hopping strategy was effective in capturing Japanese held islands
Reason #5
The bombing campaign on Japanese cities weakened the Japanese
Reason #6
Japanese resistance to the death rather than surrender (banzai charges, kamikaze) resulted in significant losses of combatants
Reason #7
American industries were able to produce more than Japan especially aircraft carriers and aircraft
Reason #8
The Americans had more resources than the Japanese
Reason #9
The Americans imposed a naval blockade of Japan starving it of materials and supplies
Reason #10
The atomic bomb forced the Japanese to surrender
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