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Trade imbalance
When a country exports more thsm it imports
17 syllable poem
Opposition to the use of force
A form of Japanese theater
Payments for damage
Controlled large parts of the japanese economy
Battled fiercely for control of the land
In 1930 japanese was based in part on warrior traditions
The warriors code that emphasized loyalty to ones lord
The cheif general of the army in medieval Japan
The class of warrior
The system that bound lower lords to higher lords
Confucianism imfulenfed japanese society because it emphasized
The relationship betwen inferiors and superiors
Which of the following has contributed to japanese business success
Close ties between business and government
A direct result of the great depression was
The rise to power of extreme nationalists who called for expansion
Which of the following reflects the influence of zen on the arts of Japan
Emphasis on beauty in nature
In japan which conditioms was the cause of thr other three
Most of the nation is mountainous eith little arable land
All the following are setbacks to Japans economic miracle except
During the economic miracle there have not been enough jobs for japanese workers
Japanese culture today is a true blend of many others for all of the following reasons except
Japanese adopted the mandate of heaven from india
How have the japanese adapted to rugged terriam of their country
Buildi my terraces on steep hillsides
For what were most wars in japan fought
What event helped end american occupation of japan
The cold war
Women in feudal japan
Were expected to obey their husbands and fathers
After ammerican occupation ended, japan
Allower the Zaibatsu to grow strong again
Japan became an expansionist nation during the 1930s mostly because
The great depression hurt their economy
Which of the following accurately describes japanese society
Japan is a homogeneous society
Unlike china during the age of imperialism, japan
Modernize rapidly
All of the following are elements of feudalism in early japan except
The impact of the samurai and shogun declinded because of the freuent wars
The effects of Japans homogeneous society is been best seen in its
Attitude towards foreigners
Which of the following happened in tokugawa japan
Japan became a unified nation
What does shintoism teach about nature
That the spirts live everywhere in nature
The japanese developed their own system of writing because
Chinese script was not well suited to spoken japanese
Which is a major effect of geography on japan
Lack of mineral resources has forced japan to become a trading nation
One reason for japanese expansion in asia in the early 1900 was its desire to
Gain natural resources
Which of the following is a future economic challenge end for japan
Shortage of workers
The tokugawa shogunate isolated japan from the rest of the world by all of thefollowing ways except
Foreigners were forced to pay tribute to the shogun
Which of the following best describes power in feudal japan
the emperor stood at the head off feudal society but was only a figurehead
Most of japan is
Which of the following is a change in family life in japan
Increased role of mothers because of long working hours of men
Being an island nation has affected the japanese diet in what way
They eat alot of sea food because the ocean is in close proximity making fishing easy
Most of japans large population lives on relativly small area of land because
More than four fiths of japan is mountainous
Why is japans population crammed into small areas
The amount of fertile land is small, so most are packed on the fertile areas
Which statement best describes popular culture in japan today
Popular cultural blends western iinfluences and japanese traditions
A social reform of the meiji restoration was to
Make everyone equal before the law
The japanese economic miracle refers to Japans
Rapid recovery from the destruction of world war 2
Which of the following is not one cause of japans economic success
Borring money from other nations
Because of Japanese island have few mineral resources it has
Become increasingly dependent on world trade
In ww2 japanese soldiers fought to death which reflected the concept of
Code of bushido
In japan the samurai code of bushido helped bring out
A culture that accepted militarism
Which geographic feature has contributed most to the ethnocentrism of Japanese people
Island location
The belief in pacifism emerged in japan because of
The massive amount of destruction nand death that occurred in japan during ww2
Japan responded to riding oil prices in the 1970 by
Devolving high tech industries
An example of japan being a homogeneous society
99% of the people in japan speak japanese as their first language
What goal did japanes leaders state to justify their policy of expansion and war in the 1930 and 1940
Spreading japanese culture
Why have japans trading partners expressed anger and frustration
Japan had trade barriers in place
What percentage of japan is mountainous
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