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The Japanese believed their clan chiefs were descended from nature spirits called___________
Japanese writing based on the________________ writing system
Because Japan is located very close to both_________________ and china, both cultures have influenced the japanese.
one early culture that developed in Japan was that of the____________
According to the teachings of________________, everything i nature has kami
The_______________ clan believed they were descended from the goddess of the sun. By the 500s they controlled much of Honshu
For many years, __________________ was the official language of japan’s government
prince shotoku
__________________ admired Chinese culture and sent scholars to learn all they could about Chinese society
japan’s location near the__________________ shaped the diet of chinese people
Korean visitors in introduced the religion of_________________ to Japan.
series of islands
Is Japan a massive piece of land or a series of islands?
made from under sea volcanic mountains
Japan is made up of a series of islands. How were these islands made?
Most of japan is covered in__________________
20, sea
Only_______% of Japan is flat, so farming is quite difficult. Most people live by the___________
______________ evolved into a major food source
eel, shark, octopus, seaweed
Common food in china are…
separated from mainland asia
Why did the japanese develop a unique culture?
The_________ settled in Japan, possibly from siberia, with a different language
hokkaido, do
The Ainu settled mostly on the island of____________ where many people do or don’t still live today?
not, it faded
The Ainu tried to expand through a series of battles, but did they succeed or not? Did their influence grow after this?
ainu and japanese
What were the two cultures early japanese society had?
The Japanese were_____________ (north, south, east, west) of the Ainu
Many_________ believe in Animism
baseball, soccer
The Ainu have excelled in many sports such as____________ and___________
Clusted in small villages, the Japanese were ruler by_______________, or extended families
Each clan had a chief who was descended from natural spirits called____________, or ancestors
Rituals celebrating ancestors, or kami, developed into the religion__________
________________ believed that everything in nature had kami, which also protected people
The shintoists built_________ to kami to ask for blessings
china korea
__________ and __________ influenced Japan
other local cultures
By the mid-500s Japanese leaders were curious to learn about_______________________they saw
china korea
Representatives from Japan were sent to__________ and __________ to study their ways in working and thinking
chinese symbols
Japan had no written language, so they adopted________________ which were used for 200 yrs
prince shotoku
_______________ of Japan promoted the teachings of Confucius to govern how people should act
Shotoku also helped spread_________ in Japan by building temples and writing commentaries
nobles fought over land. peasant life was hard and no one cared, there land was destroyed
Hiean was a great center of Japanese art and literature but how was life different in other parts of japan?
trained professional warriors
What was a Samurai?
daimyos, samurai
With such turmoil, large landowners or_________, decided to protect their own land and hired__________.
what does the word samurai literally translate to?
light armor
Describe what Samurai wore.
families of nobles
What types of families did they come from often?
swords and bows
What did samurai fight with?
land or food from peasants
How were samurai paid?
who paid the samurai?
Several clans tried to take power in the chaos. The________________ clan eventually won after 30 yrs of fighting but decided to keep the Emperor in place.
strictly a figure head
Did the emperor have any actual power?
shogun were military rulers
What was the title of the actual leader? Were they connected to the military?
How long did the shogun rule for?
greatly respected, in charge, powerful
With military leaders (shoguns) in charge, what happened to the role of the samurai?
Samurai lived by “the way of the warrior” or_______________.
simple and disciplined
Through bushido, samurai must:
Must lead_______________ lives
Through bushido, samurai must:
be brave and honorable____________
Through bushido, samurai must:
be loyal to the lord (this was crucial); obey_________
Through bushido, samurai must:
know that__________was the most important ting in life
loyalty honor
The values of___________ and ____________ are still central to life in Japan today
warring nobles
Kublai Khan and mongols from China attacked in 1274, causing___________________ to unite for a time
vicious storms
_________________ended the invasions by the Mongols and Kublai Khan and saved Japan
After the war, who became unhappy after the war, believing they did not get enough credit for their efforts?
Daimyo fought to break free of the__________ control.
The_____________ fought the shogun for a greater say as well.
Small wars broke out and the_____________ruled much of Japan
Oda Nobunaga
Eventually Japan was reunited under__________________, who gave his soirees guns, the first used in Japan
zen buddhism
This religion was popular among samurai because it stressed self-discipline
these warriors from china led two failed invasions of japan
The leader of this clan became the most powerful person in Japan, but did not get rid of the emperor
This was the most important value in the life of a samurai
These landowners hired warriors to protect their lands
This was the strict code of rules all samurai were expected to follow
Farmers often paid samurai warriors with this
The most powerful figure in Japanese society and government held this title
Japanese believed the gods sent this storm to save Japan from invasion
These traders brought the first guns to Japan
______________ became the capital of Japan when the Emperor moved there in 794
they wanted to win favor with the emperor and foiled hiean creating a count
Why did so many nobles move to hiean as well as the emperor?
they enjoyed lives of wealth and privilege, rarely leaving the city
Describe life at Hiean for members of the court.
Elegance and beauty difficult qualities to achieve were valued above all, so culture was supported
Why were artistic expressions and culture so highly valued and supported?
_______________ was crucial in the “court”, fashion was key
garments made from expensive silk with elaborate patterns. gold and jewelry was worn and delicate fans were used
What did people in the “court” wear?
Writing was popular with nobles, journals, were kept and writing was literally an art form other wise known as….
the first novel written by lady murasaki shikibu
What was “the Tale of Genji” and who wrote it?
Who wrote more and had many of the best works of literature, women or men in Japan?
______________ was also valued leading to haiku
tale of genii. nature. court life. doors and furniture
What was often the subject in paintings?
decorative writing intended to make poems look as beautiful as they sound
Describe calligraphy and its purpose.
the simple structures were often beautiful with gardens and ponds
Architecture mimicked China’s, as wooden frames curved slightly at the ends. How did gardens and ponds become so important?
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