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what are japan’s 4 main island?
Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku
why is most of japan’s major cities in the interior of on the coast?
they turned to the sea for survival
which country are close to japan?
china and Korea
how for is Korea away from japan?
100 miles
how far is china away from japan?
400 miles
what are the cultures in japan?
Buddhism and Shinto
what culture is the first to developed in japan?
which religion became a cultural part of the traditional religion of japan?
what spirits that the Japanese believed that their clan chiefs were descended?
the Ainu farming villages were ruled by?
powerful clans, or extended families
who is the first emperor in Japan?
the leader of Yamato
how did emperors take power in japan?
built up armies to conquer their neighbors
what did the rulers of japan want to learn from china and korea?
they wanted to learn new ways of writing and thinking
what was the 1st thing that the japanese learn from china and korea?
who was the most influential in bringing chines ideas to japan?
prince Shotoko
what is a regent?
a person who rules a country for someone who is unable to rule alone
what is Confucianism?
an outline of how families should behave
who introduce Buddhism to japan?
where did japan court move in the late 700s?
Heian, Kyoto
why are the 800s-1100s considered as a golden age in Japanese literature and art?
many nobles love and supported art.
what were two forms of Buddhism that developed in japan?
pure land Buddhism and zen
how was religion among japan’s nobles different from religion among the common people?
common people of japan couldn’t afford the elaborate rituals; nobles’ religion rejected their love of elaborate rituals
why is pure land Buddhism popular with common people?
it didn’t acquired any special rituals
what form of art was popular in the Heian Period?
performing arts
who are the Ainu?
an indigenous people native to japan
what are the roles of male and female?
men went to war while women learned to fight in order to protect their homes
how was pure land Buddhism practiced/by whom?
chanted the Buddha’s name over and over to achieve enlightenment, this was practiced by common people
why did samurai favor zen Buddhism?
it stresses self-discipline
one of the greatest writers in early japan, wrote ”the tale of genji”
lady murasaki shikibu
one of the most influential people in bringing chinese ideas to japan.
prince shotoku
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