Japan and the Koreas

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Which of Japan’s islands has the largest level area?
Honshu island because of Mt Fuji
When do tropical storms often hit Japan?
When do the Japanese people use their early warning system?
To take safety measures during earthquakes. It enables them to prepare
Why is flooding worse in the Koreas?
They have lost tree cover
What natural disasters caused thirteen years of food shortages in North Korea?
Flooding and drought
What is trade between Japan and South Korea based on?
What is the most agricultural product in Japan and the Koreas?
How are Japan and the Koreas similar?
They have few mineral resources
Compare the economic conditions of South Korea with North Korea
North Korea has an unlimited government and their economy hasn’t grown.
Which religion has recently become very popular in South Korea?
What caused a severe economic crisis in Japan during the 1990s?
Bad bank practices and they entered a recession
What is the major source of conflict for North Korea?
They keep developing nuclear weapons
What is one way Kim Jong-il controls the lives of the people in North Korea?
He put control on cultural and religious life. People can’t express their opinions
Why does North Korea have a weaker economy than South Korea?
The economy is controlled by the. Government and is usually not taken care of and watched well.
What activity has Japan imported from another country?
What religions do more than 80% of the people in Japan practice?
What is a cultural exchange that the people of Japan have taken part in?
Martial arts and sushi have. Spread around the world
Leaves on trees
Having a limited quantity of resources to meet unlimited wants
Ability of one person or country to produce a good at a lower cost than another
Comparative advantage
Dependent on one another
Powerful Japanese military leader who often had more power than the emperor
Japanese warrior lord
Time period when Japan’s emperor Meiji was returned to power
Meiji restoration
War between North Korea and South Korea and allies during the early 1950’s
Korean War
System of government in the laws in the constitution limit the monarch’s or emperor’s powers
Constitutional monarchy
Government structure in which government actions are limited by law
Limited government
Government in which there are no effective limits on government
Unlimited government
Leader with complete control over government
Decline in economic growth for six or more months in a row
Traditional religion that originated in Japan
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