Japanese Geography Terminology

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Japanese mountains
One of the causes of isolation and made farming difficult
Japaneses seas
One cause of isolation, brought merchants for trade, and helped farming.
Japans climate
The climate affected the clothes people would wear, storms, and farming
How was Japaneses culture effected by geography?
The mountains and seas brought isolation which brought different religions and that changed the culture
How did Japans geography affect trade?
The seas close by brought merchants and trade boats frequntly
How does Japans geography affect farming?
About 70% of Japan is mountains which makes farming difficult, most people would fight over the little farming land, people turn to sea for living
How does Japans geography affect daily life?
Since it was hard to farm most people weren’t farmers and most people helped with trade
How does Japans geography affect its economy?
Since there’s thousands of islands there was seas that brought merchants for trade and trade boats which strengthen the economy
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