Japan’s Pacific Campaign

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Pearl Harbor (US naval base in Hawaii) – Japanese surprise attack – bombed American fleet
resulted in US declared war on Japan and its allies the next day
Battle of the Coral Sea
A battle between Japanese and American naval forces that stopped the Japanese advance on Australia.
Battle of Midway – Japans attack on Midway Island in the central Pacific
Japan lost four aircraft carriers, the most important naval weapon in the war and this turned the tide of war against Japan
Battle of Guadalcanal – the Japanese had built an air base there
(1942-1943) World War II battle in the Pacific; it represented the first Allied counter-attack against Japanese forces; Allied victory forced Japanese forces to abandon the island
How did the United States respond to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?
The United States Congress at the request of President Roosevelt declared war on Japan and its allies the day after the attacks
What countries lost territory to Japan early in the war?
Guam, Wake Island, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaya, Singapore and Burma
name Three Allied victories against Japan
Battle of Midway, The battle of Guadalcanal, Battle of Coral Sea
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