Section 3 —World History

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Matthew Perry
Commodore of American fleet that arrived in Edo bay to create a family of civilized nations
Edo bay
where Matthew Perry led an American fleet of four warships
Millard Fillmore
US president who asked for better treatment of sailors shipwrecked on the Japanese Islands
political compromises
Treaty of Kanagawa
Treaty between Japan and the US that provided for the return of shipwrecked sailors, the opening of two ports to western trade, and the establishment of a US consulate in Japan
where Shoguns palace is located
the symbol of the new era called the Meiji Restoration. His rule was called the Meiji or “Enlightened Rule”
territories that are ruled under lords that were stripped of their titles, but were still allowed to govern these territories.
Ito Hirobumi
leader of a commission that traveled to Great Britain, France, Germany, and the US to study their governments
tea, silk, weapons, ship building, and sake or japanese rice wine
what were some major industries of Japan?
Community and Hierarchy
what are two words that can describe the Tokugawa era before the meiji reforms
Port Arthur
Manchurian city that was siezed by the Japanese ships when they destroyed the Chinese fleet
the Liaodong Peninsula back to Japan, as well as the southern part of Sakhalin
What did the Russians agree to give Japan after their defeat?
art, education, artistic styles, architecture and many more
What was influence in Japan by the West?
Japanese schools were able to use a Western system of teaching, but they still emphasized on family and other values. The government closely controlled the schools, and they made sure that all of the students studied moral training in addition to other subjects.
How did the japanese educational system promote traditional values even as it adopted western educational models?
technicians, engineers, architects, and artists
who did the japanese invite from the US to help their education?
Japanese art- realism
japanese gardens
what were some western influences in japan?
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