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1. How is an archipelago formed?
created by islands
2. Describe the basic beliefs of the Shinto religion
Everything in nature has kami. Clan chiefs led their clans in rituals that honored their kami ancestors. Rituals became a central part of the traditional religion of Japan, Shinto.
3. Who was Prince Shotoku and what did he do?
He was a regent for his aunt the empress. Prince Shotoku was a leader that was only 20 years old when he ruled. He admired Chinese culture. He sent scholars to China to learn all they could about Chinese society. He also helped spread Buddhism to Japan.
4. Why was Japan isolated from China and Korea
Japan was an island.
How did China and Korea still affect Japan
Leaders brought China and Korean culture to Japan. Like Buddhism, Chinese writings, and Confucianism
5. How did the physical geography of Japan affect the growth of its government and society
The physical geography of Japan affected the growth of its government and society because Japan was located on an island and this separated them from Asia so they developed their own culture. They made their own government and society.
6. What was the Tokugawa shogunate
Rule by shoguns of the Tokugawa family. The Tokugawa’s shogunate was the rise to power.
7. How did Japan develop into a military society
The rich landowners hired people to protect their land and was not happy with the way the emperor was running the government. Then Minamoto gained control of Japan and called himself shogun.
What groups made up that society
Emperor, shogun, daimyo, samurai, and peasants.
8. What was daily life for the samurai
Samurai and to protect and serve their lords and respect the emperors. The had simple lives. They had to live and honor and be loyal. They had to have self-discipline. They had to learn how to fight. They could not go to the theater, trade, or commerce.
9. How did Bushido affect modern Japanese culture
Bushido affected modern Japanese culture because of values such as loyalty, honor and self-discipline are still practiced in modern Japan culture..
10. Who invaded Japan in the 1270s-1280s
The Mongols invaded in the 1270’s- 1280’s.
11. How did the daimyo help weaken the shoguns
The daimyo controlled their small territories , collected taxes, and made laws. The daimyo fought the shoguns to break shoguns control of power.
12. Who unified Japan in the late 1500s
Oda Nobunaga unified Japan in the late 1500’s.
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