SS 7th Chapter 8 Japan Questions

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What types of landforms cover most of Japan?
How did Japan’s location both separate it from and tie it to China and Korea?
Japan was far enough to create its own culture but close enough to borrow ideas from China and Korea.
What is Shinto?
A traditional religion based on nature that began in Japan.
How did the Yamato rulers gain power?
They built up armies and conquered their neighbors until they ruled much of Honshu.
How did prince Shotoku help spread Buddhism in Japan?
He built temples and wrote interpretations of Buddhist teachings.
What do you think was the most important idea the Japanese borrowed from China or Korea and why?
Confucianism because it outlined the ways families should behave; Buddhism because it became popular.
List ideas that developed in Japan with no outside influence.
Shinto, clan system
List ideas that Japanese borrowed from other people.
language, Buddhism, Confucianism ideas, government ideas.
Who was one of Japan’s greatest leaders? He helped rule Japan when he was only 20 years old.
Prince Shotoku
Where did Japan’s court move in the late 700’s?
Why are the 800’s to the 1100’s considered a golden age for Japanese literature and art?
Nobles supported the arts and made great advances in literature, painting, calligraphy and drama.
Do you think women in Heian had more rights and freedoms than women in other societies?
Women were able to take part in and write about court society.
What were two forms of Buddhism that developed in Japan?
Pure Land and Zen Buddhism
How was religion among Japan’s nobles different from religion among common people?
Nobles enjoyed rituals and ceremonies whereas the common people did not have time or money for that.
Why do you think Pure Land Buddhism was popular with common people?
It was simple and lacked elaborate rituals.
examples of Japan’s contribution to architecture
natural style, elaborate gardens and ponds.
examples of Japan’s contribution to visual art
paintings and calligraphy
examples of Japan’s contribution to fashion
silk robes, gold jewelry
examples of Japan’s contribution to literature
diaries, novels
examples of Japan’s contribution to performing arts
Noh and musicians
What is Lady Murasaki Shikibu most famous for?
For writing the novel , “The Tale of Genji”
What are the four main islands of Japan?
Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku and Kyushu
What is Japan’s largest island?
The Ryukyu Islands are a part of ?
What body of water is between Taiwan and the Ryukyu Islands?
East China Sea
Highest Mountain Peak in Japan
Mt. Fuji on the island of Honshu
What direction do you go when traveling from Nagasaki to Hakata?
What was the relationship between samurai and daimyo?
Daimyo hired the samurai to defend themselves and their property.
Why do you think the first shogun wanted to keep the emperor as a figurehead?
To prevent a revolt
What was Bushido?
A samurai code of rules.
Why did samurai take up pursuits like flower arranging?
to improve their self-discipline
Who invaded Japan in the 1270’s and 1280’s?
The Mongols.
How did daimyo help weaken the shoguns?
Daimyo took control of their small piece of land. They collected taxes, made laws, and fought wars.
What strong leaders worked to unify Japan in the late 1500’s?
Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa leyasu
Describe a samurai
professional warriors who served a daimyo
samurai job
follow Bushido
samurai duties
served daimyo
samurai privleges
paid with land and food
Who was Prince Shotoku and what did he do?
followed Buddhism, influential in spreading Chinese ideas and culture, including Buddhism throughout Japan
How would Japan’s physical geography affect the development of Japanese government and society?
limited trade because of it being an island and very safe; were able to develop their own government and society because they were separated from other people of Asia
What made the period between the 800’s and the 1100’s a golden age of the arts in Japan?
The imperial court at Heian was a great supporter of the arts.
What would it have been like to have been a member of the imperial court at Heian?
Their center of culture and learning included fashion, literature, visual arts, architecture, performing arts and Buddhism. Imperial courts lifestyle of ease, privilege, beauty and artistic culture.
The current capitol city of Japan is
This body of water lies to the east of Japan
the Pacific Ocean
Only about __ percent of Japan is flat.
Clan chiefs felt their ancestors were descendants of nature spirits called…
The most powerful of all kami is..
the goddess of the sun
Prince Shotoku followed the religion of
Prince Shotoku helped spread Buddhism in Japan by…
building Buddhist temples, teaching commoners how to read and write
According to Confucius, women are expected to __ the men in their lives.
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