Spanish 1 final review

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The word the is a defenite article in spanish.the singular definite articles in spanish are
O and a
Most nouns ending with ___
Are masculine . Most nouns ending with ____ are feminine
To ar er and ir
The infinite in english is expressed by writing the word __ before a verb. In spanish the infinitive is expressed by the verb endings ___,____,_____
In order to say something doesnt happen in spanish , use the word _____ before the verb .
Use the word ______ to agree with someone who likes something . Use the word _______ to agree with someone who dislikes something
Ni , ni
If you do not like either of two choices use the words _____________
Most feminine adjectives end with the letter ____, most masculine adjectives end with the letter _____
E , inteligente , a , deportista
Adjectives that can be either masculine or feminine may end with the letters ___ (as in the word ______ or the letter ____ (as in the word ________
In spanish , adjectives come before/after the nouns they describe
Use _______ to adress someone with the “you” formal use _____ to adress someone using the “you” informal
The following are subject pronouns in spanish _______,_______,_______,_______,__________,________,________,_________
The-ar (hablar) verb endings are :____,_____,____,______,____
The -er (comer) verb endings are are: ______,______,______,______,____
The -ir ( vivir) verb endings are :______,______,_____,______,_____
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