Spanish Culture Study Guide

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Fray Junipero Serra established 21 missions in California
Many Spanish-style architecture in southwestern U.S.
The American cowboy copied from the Spanish cowboy
The Spaniards established the cattle raising industry in the New World
The word rodeo and corral are related to Spanish cattle life
The oldest city in the U.S. is St. Augustine
In California there are numerous cities that have Spanish names
The patios of Spanish Houses have flowers and trees
A taco is a crisp tortilla filled with meat or beans
tango- Argentina dance
De Soto- explorer of the Mississippi River
Santa Fe- Capital city in New Mexico
Las Vegas- city in Nevada
Arcada- covered passageway
Enchilada- tortilla with chopped meat and chili sauce
Lagarto- Spanish word for alligator
Patio- inner courtyard
Tejas- roofing material
Ponce de Leon- explorer of Florida
Fray Junipero Serra- founder of California Missions
The Sierra Nevada is the mountain range in California with a Spanish name
Merengue is a popular dance in the DR
Two states with Spanish names are Florida and Montana
The rio grande river separates the US from Mexico
The rumba is a popular Cuban Dance
An American city with a Spanish name is Las Vegas
One of the animals that Spaniards brought to the new world were cows
The San Juan mountains are in Colorado
A city in Texas that is Spanish is El Paso
The oldest city in the US is St Augustine
Juan Ponce de Leon was the first governor of PR
Harnando de Soto was the first European explorer to reach the Mississippi River
Moctezuma was the Aztec king conquered by Hernan Cortes
San Juan Capistrano is a famous Spanish mission
Barcelona is an important sea port in the Mediterranean
The Royal Palace is in Madrid
The largest cathedral in Spain is in Seville
Valencia and Bilbao are important seaports of Spain
The Escorial was built by order of Felipe II
Cordova and Sevilla are located in the Guadalquivir River
Granada was the last Moorish possession in Spain
Toledo is the home of El Greco
Cordova was an important cultural center in the tenth and eleventh century
Burial place for kings is Escorial
Alhambra is located in Granada
Valley of the Fallen is in Madrid
Cardova is famous for mosque
Oldest university is located in Salamanca
Valencia is famous for oranges
The Prado is a famous art museum
Population of Madrid is 4.5 mil
Valencia is the garden of spain
La giralda is a tower in Seville
Puerta de Sol is in Madrid
El cid is in Burgos
Seville is Spain’s most pictureque city
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