Spanish Life

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A castel converted into a hotel
Whats a parador?
Speedy Gonzalez
Who is the fastest mouse in all of mexico
The expression someone uses when someone sneezes?
January 6th
When do spanish children recieve thier christmas gifts?
Ocho dias
How do you say “a week from today” in spanish?
First floor
If you enter a spanish building and go up one flight of stairs, whay floor are you on?
How many people in the world speak spanish?
The poinsettia
What id the Flor De Nochebuena?
What vegetable is carved and judged at a festival in Oaxaca
Which of the following instruments would not be found in a mariachi band: violins, drums, guitar?
How many days does the Posadas last?
A newspaper
What is El Excelsior?
The chihuahua
What miniture dog originated from mexico?
What is a Libreria?
A mexican cowboy
What is a charro?
The pig
What animal is a symbol of good luck to the mexicans?
Change your clothes
What would you do in a public tent on the nothern beaches of spain?
New years eve
When is la noche vieja?
How many centavos are there in a peso?
Red and gold
What are the colors of the spanish flag?
What does the green stand for in the mexican flag?
Ito or ita
What do you add at the end of a spanish noun to show friendliness or affection?
Las mananitas
What song is sung on a persons birthday in Mexico?
A person with spanish and indian; blood
What is a mestizo?
What would you buy in a panaderia?
The bear and the tree are symbols of what spanish city?
In new mexico
Where are luminarias used?
For good luck
Why do spanish people eat 12 grapes at midnight on new years eve?
May 5th
When do mexicans celebrate the anniversary of the battle of puebla?
The cemetery
Where do mexicans go on “all souls day”?
December 16th
On what night does Las Posadas begin?
During which month is the “day of the dead” celebrated?
9:00 or 10:00 pm
At what time do spaniards eat super?
What is the decorated container filled with candy and toys that blindfolded children try to break oopen at parties?
A hispanic handshake consists of how many shakes?
The cental plaza in a mexican city
What is a zocalo?
According to a spanish saying, if you keep your mouth shut what cannot enter?
A hug/ kiss
What is an abrazo?
What isi the general name of a store where fish is sold?
The running of the bulls
What happens in July in Pamplona Spain?
Bargain for a price
What does one do before purchasing an item in a mexican market?
What is the term for a person of mexican origin who was born in the united states?
The mother
Who is the central figure in the hispanic family?
The peseta
What is the name of Spanish curency?
What do children leave out for the three kings?
One what side of the street do spaniards drive?
What is the english name that is equivalent to Pablo?
Do most mexican immigrants to the U.S intend to return to mexico?
What does the white stand for in the mexican flag?
What does the red stand for in the mexican flag?
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