7th grade Geography Chapter 1

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open land often used for farming
term used to describe areas that contain cities
human geography
study of people, past or present
physical geography
study of earth’s natural landscapes and physical systems
movement of ideas or behaviors from one region to another
absolute location
latitude and longitude of a particular place
relative location
position of a place in relation to another place
the art and science of mapmaking
movement (as in the Five Themes of Geography)
refers to movement of information,people, and goods
your point of view
science that describes the physical and cultural features of Earth
place (as in the Five Themes of Geography)
includes both the physical location as well as physical and human features
region (as in the Five Themes of Geography)
area with one or more shared characteristic
human-environment interaction (as in the Five Themes of Geography)
includes how humans depend on their environment to survive, how humans adapt to their environment, and how humans change their environment
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