Ancient Greece: Geography and Daily Life

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Which body of water SURROUNDED the Ancient Greek Civilization?
Aegean Sea
City-states in Greece were very isolated from one another because Greece had a lot of:
Mountains and Islands
What was the MOST important factor that helped Ancient Greece grow?
the Aegean Sea was great for trading many things
Suppose you wanted to leave one city-state and visit another city-state in ancient Greece. In order to enter that city-state, you would most likely:
have to pass over mountains and through valleys.
Athens was able to develop the most powerful naval fleet (tons of war boats or battle ships) in ancient Greece mainly because of its:
close distance to the Aegean Sea.
What is the name of the body of water that lies north of Africa and south of Europe?
What is civilization is this a map of?
What is civilization is this a map of?
Which letter on the map is the location of Greece?
Which letter on the map is the location of Greece?
Location B
This body of water is NOT part of Ancient Greece Geography
Black Sea
Why did villages in Ancient Greece develop into independent city-states?
Greek geography made it hard for Greeks to communicate with each other.
Greek city-states were unable to unite to form one nation because
of the mountainous terrain (land with mountains)
The BEST definition of a city-state is…
a city and the surrounding areas with its own independent government
In ancient Greece, the __________ caused neighboring city-states to fight over boundaries.
increased population and lack of farmland
Because it was so hard for Ancient Greeks to communicate with each other due to mountainous terrain and isolated islands, they created….
a political (government) system based on independent city-states where everyone could be left alone to do their own thing.
Two famous and important city-states in Ancient Greece are:
Athens and Sparta
why did city-states rely on trade to obtain a portion of their food?
Their population grew to high (too many people), so there was not enough farmland to provide enough food for everyone.
Which of the following had the MOST influence on Ancient Greece’s desire to trade?
grain shortages (not enough grain)
The ancient Greeks were unable to farm their rocky terrain and turned to the Aegean Sea __________.
to fish and form trade routes to surrounding countries to trade what they had for what they needed
A person who lived in a Greek city-state might decide to grow __________ to trade with people from surrounding countries.
Did Greece trade to get grapes?
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