AP Human Geography Final Review

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the relationship of the size of the map to the amount of area it represents on the planet
What are cartographers worried about when they make maps?
five themes of geography
plcs, region, location, human-environment interaction, and movement
the spatial world, places and regions, physical systems, human systems, environment and society
What are 6 essential elements in geography?
How many types of diffusion is there in human geography?
demographic transition
The 4 stages in this model of development in a country
Who is credited for using the world?
Earth and to write
What do the word geo and graphy means?
Marco Polo
Introduced the excitement of discovery to Europe, which then sparked conialism and trade development in all areas of the world
formal, functional, and perceptual
What are 3 types of regions?
contagious, expansion, relocation, and stimulus
What are 4 types of diffusion?
density, concentration, and patterns
The 3 main aspects of distribution?
What are the abbreviations of Global Positioning System?Graphic Information System?
Environmental determinism
What is the theory that proposes that cultures are a direct results of where they exist?
Carl Ritter, Ellen Chruchill Semple and Ellsworth Huntington
Who were 3 people that led the environmental determinism theory?
Bible Belt
The term ______ is often used to describe the Southern Baptist dominance of the population.
The larger the scale of a map, the ______ distortion.
_______ chart and assign data by size
Geographers use the word _______ as an essential modifier in framing their questions and farming their concepts.
absolute location
The identification of place by some precise and accepted system of coordinates; it therefore is sometimes called mathematical location.
relative location
the position of a place in relocation to that of other places or activities.
An absolute location comcept, refers to the physical and cultural characteristics and attributes of the place itself.
Refers to the external relations of a locale.
spatial diffusion
The processof dispersion of an idea or an item from a center of origin to more distant points which it is directly or indirectly connected.
Implies the increasing interconnection of peoples and societies in all parts of the world as the full range of social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental processes becomes international in scale and effect.
The measure of the number of quantity of anything within a defined unit of area
How many different, regions are there?
Economic development, education, gender empowerment, healthcare, cultural traditions, public policy
Which 6 factors are considered important in determining a population’s rate of natural increase
cultural issues
cause people to move to places where they feel more at home or where they are able to take advantage of certain institutions.
The Population Bomb, _______ made a similar argument about the ability of the earth to sustainably provide resources for an exponentially growing population.
Generation X
The term _______ was coined by the off-beat author and artist Douglas Coupland to describe a generation without the overwhelming numbers and unifying identity enjoyed by the baby boomers.
People need food to survive and people have a desire of reproduction
What was Thomas Malthus theory?
A pattern that are clumped together is called
A method chosen to represent Earth’s curve surface as a flat map
Above 35 percent
How much arable does India have?
Layers of GIS
The layers are used as parts of the Geographic Information System to evaluate soil erosion is made through computer analysis of the different layers and their relationships to one another
Cholera pandemic
Dr. John Snow use dot maps to solve the _____.
Perception of place
We learn places through books, movies, stories, and picture but never actually been there.
location theory
An element of contemporary human geography that seeks answers to a wide range of questions dealing with locations.
Systematic geography
Focus on 1 or a few related aspects of the physical environment or of human population and society
Regional geography
areal orientation pursued by some geographers through the 3 interests of geography
Todler’s first law of geography
in a spatial sense everybody is related to everything but that relation are stronger when are near one another
An Arabic geographer that is a descendent of Mohammed, was directed by Roger 2, the Christian king of Sicily in whose court he served, to collect all known geographical infornation and assemble it in a truly accurate representation of the world.
International Date Line
located roughly on the 180 degrees on the longitude scale of the globe (where the globe is divided by the hours in a day to the degrees it turns once around its axis) and it zizags its way through the Pacific Ocean due to location of countries there
Mental map
When he or she is driving to a familiar location, it is said that a person might have a _______ of an area.
Five toos
too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, and too hilly
the study of human geography
Emphasis on people, deals with the world as it is and with the world as it might be made to be
the second universal spatial concept, have absolute and relative terms
Isopeth maps
calculations refer not to a point but to areal statistics
Quanitative maps
use circles of different size to show frequent of occasion of a topic in different places
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