Asian Physical Geography Flashcards

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What is the name of the peninsula that is west of the Japanese islands?
What is the name of the island off the southeast coast of China?
What is the name of the desert that lies on the border of China and Mongolia?
What is the name of the desert in the western part of China?
Taklimakan Desert
What two countries is the Gobi desert in?
China and Mongolia
What is know as the “roof of the world”?
Plateau of Tibet
What river is also known as the Yellow River?
Huang He
How many main islands does Japan have?
The highest mountain in the Himalayas is _________________?
Mt. Everest
The highest mountain in Japan is __________________?
Mt. Fuji
Because Japan sits on three tectonic plates, it is more likely to have _________________ and ______________.
earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
The mountains that share a border with China, Nepal and Bhutan are _______________________.
What river, because of its flooding, is known as “China’s Sorrow”?
Huang He
Which mountain chain is located in southwestern Mongolia and northwestern China?
Altai Mountains
What is the largest of the Japanese islands?
What are the four main Japanese islands?
Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku and Kyushu
What sea separates Japan from the Koreas?
Sea of Japan
If I were visiting the capital of Seoul,Korea, what peninsula would I be on?
Taiwan is an example of what land form?
The island of Taiwan separates which two seas?
East China Sea and the South China Sea
What is the gulf east of Saudi Arabia?
The Persian Gulf
What two mountain chain locations create the Indian Subcontinent?
Himalaya and Hindu Kush
How many countries are in Asia?
Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity are the 5 main _______________________ in Asia.
What percentage of the Earth’s land is in Asia?
What sea is west of the Arabian Desert?
Red Sea
What is Asia’s highest point?
Mt. Everest
What are the two rivers that are in the region called Mesopotamia?
Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
What is the lowest point in Asia?
Near the Dead Sea
How many languages are there in Asia?
What is Asia’s northern boundary?
Arctic Ocean
What is the oldest city in Asia?
Name three Archipelagos in Asia.
The Philippines, Japan, Maldives, Indonesia, Andaman Islands
What ocean is south of Asia?
Indian Ocean
What ocean is east of Asia?
Pacific Ocean
What peninsula is located west of Japan?
Korean Peninsula
What desert is located in China and Mongolia?
What is the biggest country in Asia?
Because of the many distinct geographic regions, India has over 1,000 ________________________
What What are the two most populated countries in Asia?
China and India
What modern day country is where Mesopotamia was located?
Honshu is one of the 4 main islands in what Archipelago?
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