Chapter 12: The Physical Geography of Europe – Key Locations

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Often called “a peninsula of peninsulas”
Scandinavian Peninsula
In northern Europe, this peninsula is bounded by the Norwegian, North, and Baltic seas
Jutland Peninsula
A smaller peninsula that extends from the Northern European Plain and has gently rolling hills and swampy, low-lying areas
Iberian Peninsula
Home to Spain and Portugal, this peninsula is blocked from the rest of Europe by a mountain chain.
Italian Peninsula
Home to Italy and shaped like a boot, this peninsula extends into the Mediterranean Sea.
Balkan Peninsula
Bordered by the Adriatic, Mediterranean, and Aegean seas, this peninsula’s mountainous terrain makes transportation difficult.
Four major islands of Europe
Ireland, Great Britain, Greenland, and Iceland
A French-controlled Mediterranean island
The most famous mountains in Europe, this chain separates Italy from the rest of Europe.
This mountain chain restricts movement from France to Spain and Portugal.
Apennine Mountains
This mountain range is like a “spine” down the Italian Peninsula
Balkan Mountains
This mountain range blocks the Balkan Peninsula from the rest of Europe and has isolated ethnic groups from each other.
The central plateau of Spain
Central Uplands
Mountains in Germany at the base of the Alps
River that flows from the interior of Europe to the North Sea
River that flows across Europe from west to east and empties into the Black Sea
Northern European Plain
One of the most fertile regions of the world, it is a relatively flat plain that has produced vast quantities of food for centuries.
Ruhr Valley
A very industrialized area in Germany due to its abundant deposits of coal and iron ore.
North Sea
Body of water that has abundant underwater natural gas and petroleum
Also known as the “Land of the Midnight Sun”
Country that has successfully reclaimed land from the North Sea using the polder system
Zuider Zee
An arm of the North Sea that has been transformed into a freshwater lake called Ijsselmer
An Italian city that became a settlement when people escaping invaders took shelter on islands in a lagoon; the city now is in danger of its buildings sinking
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