Eastern Europe Physical Geography

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What is eastern Europe characterized by?
Mountains and plains that influence human geography. Mountains dominate the south.
Dinaric Alps
Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro. // to Adriatic coast (Dalmation). Forestry and mining
Karst Topography
limestone bedrock sculpted into steep-sided cliffs & rocky columns
Karst Terrain
caves, sink holes, underground rivers, absence of surface rivers, streams & lakes
Carpathian Mountains
Slovakia to Romania. Mountains separated by large basins. Water flows into Black Sea. Small population involved in agriculture & forestry.
Balkan Mtns.
major land divide b/w the Danube River and Marista River
Baltic Sea
divides mainland Europe and Sandinavian peninsula. Used for trade of oil, coal and exporting minerals, timber and wood.
Vistula River
largest river in Poland and crucial to Polish economy.
Black Sea
links Europe to Asia
What is the Russian Core characterized by?
plains, hills and plateaus
Ural Mtns.
natural barrier b/w Euro-Russia & Siber-Russia. Rich in iron ore & mineral fuels.
Caucasus Mtns.
Natural barrier b/w Russia and countries to the South
rich black soil, supports ag. West o/Ural Mtns.
Russian Plain
N-Euro Plain-chernozem gets expensive.
Crimean Peninsula
connected to isthmus o/ Perekop
Volga River
Russia, Ukraine & Belarus growth. Longest river in Europe. Commercial, transportation & hydroelectric resource for million o/Russians
thick sub-surface layer of soil that remains frozen throughout the year ->mosses, lichens, algae and shrubs.
warm air from Atlantic Ocean. Moderate temperatures from the Oceans influence resulting in the interior having extreme variations in temperature & little precipitation
Lake Baikal
one of the most renowned Siberian lakes. SE Russia and oldest lake in the world. holds one-fifth of all unfrozen freshwater found on the planet. “Galapagos of Russia”. unusual freshwater marine species, which are of exceptional value to scientists who study how species evolve found here.
How has physical geography influenced human activity in the region?
Population patterns of of the region:
Environmental challenges:
Mediterranean sea
connect to Atlantic ocean allowing trade b/w Eastern Europe and the rest o/the world
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