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T or F: The Bulge of Africa is in the west, the Horn is in the east.
The physical geography of the African land mass is unusual because:
the landmass is cut by a system of rift valleys that extends from the northern end of the Red Sea to Swaziland in Southern Africa
The fault system in East Africa is the?
Rift Valley
The Sudd area of southern Sudan is traversed by which of the following rivers?
Which of the following associations is incorrect?
Orange River, Kenya
The landform term that best describes the African continent as a whole is?
Which of the following is associated with the concept of continental drift?
T or F: Due to Africa’s difficult agricultural environment, numerous environmental hazards, diseases, and periodic food shortages, the continent’s population growth rate is below the worldwide average.
The major reason that Africa contains no continental-scale mountain range is that?
Africa was once the center of the landmass from which all other continents broke off, with Laurasia in the north and Gondwana in the south
Africa’s climate and vegetation regions are symmetric around the?
One of the problems with Africa’s rainfall is?
it’s variability from year to year in some of the marginal zones
The Congo River basin supports what type of vegetation?
tropical rainforest
In general, soils in Africa?
are leached and thus not very fertile
The carrier of a disease is known as a(n)?
A disease that spreads worldwide is known as a(n)?
Life expectancy in Africa is?
higher than in most less developed countries
Which disease does not severely affect Africa’s peoples?
The worst of the endemic African diseases is?
The vector for African sleeping sickness is the?
tsetse fly
The most important sector of the African economy is?
Land tenure refers to?
the way people own, occupy, and use land
When the Europeans came to Africa they changed the system of land tenure in Africa with a system the Africans called?
land alienation
the vast majority of African families still depend upon?
commercial agriculture
Planting several types of crops in one field is known as?
West Africa showed a high degree of regional complementarity between?
the peoples of the tropical forest and the people of the dry interior
The West African state that played an important role for at least 1,000 years was
Much of the slave trade out of East Africa (Kenya) was carried on by the?
Berlin Conference
in 1884 divided up most of Africa among the colonial powers
The colonial ruler of Ghana was?
Before independence, the modern state of The Congo was a colony of?
Which of the following countries played no role in the colonization of Africa?
United States
france was associated with
great britain was associated with
indirect rule
portugal was associated with
belgium was associated with
the largest river river in south africa
the orange river
The current capital of the congo?
The capital of the congo when controlled by belgium was?
Africa is one of only two continents containing a cluster of
africa is one of the only two continents containing a cluster of great lakes, and the only one whose lakes result from tectonic forces.
Which of the following states was not a colony of France prior to its independence?
Which of the following countries was not a British colony prior to its independence?
People of Dutch ancestry in South Africa are called?
The last country to give up its African colonies was
south africa
The great river of Southern Africa is the?
The Boer War took place in?
south africa
Which of the following countries is not a major oil producer?
The Aswan High Dam is located on the_______ .
nile river
Shi’ite Muslims constitute the great majority of the population of _____ .
Syrians lost what territory to Israel?
Which of the following countries is not located in Equatorial Africa?
ivory coast
T or F: South Africa contains significant untapped petroleum reserves.
The natural environment of Botswana is dominated by?
the Kalahari Desert
The now-independent political entity that once was a German colony named South West Africa is today known as
Cabinda is a(n):
enclave of angola
Which of the following countries is not located in East Africa?
Tourism, once a particularly important business in _____, struggles to remain viable in the face of numerous challenges:
Which of the following countries borders Lake Victoria?
kenya, tanzania, uganda
Dar es Salaam is the capital of:
Which of the following is a lingua franca?
Two countries which were originally part of German East Africa, but were given to the Belgians after World War I are:
rwanda and bruundi
Which country has no dominant ethnic groups?
the congo
The country in Equatorial Africa with significant oil supplies and the only coastal capital is:
The country in Equatorial Africa that had a border dispute with Nigeria over an oil-rich area is:
What coincides with the border between british nigeria and french cameroon
Adamawa Highlands
Which of the following countries is located in the Bulge of Africa?
Liberia, Senegal,
Which two colonial powers dominated West Africa?
Britain and France
Nigeria’s old capital of Lagos was situated within the culture area of the people known as the:
Which of the following countries was established by former American slaves?
The first West African state to gain its independence, formerly called the Gold Coast, is:
The country that moved its capital from Lagos to the new centrally-located city of Abuja is:
This West African country borders Liberia, is a former French colony, and built a Roman Catholic basilica in Yamoussoukro to rival St. Peter’s in Rome:
Ivory Coast
A market that is set up only on certain days of the week is known as a _____ market.
Which of the following countries is located in the Horn of Africa?
Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and somali
What boundaries define the african transition zone?
atlantic ocean to the african horn
Countries in the African Transition zone
Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan,Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia
Which of the following countries is not in The African Transition Zone?
the congo
Which of the following countries is not located in The African Transition Zone?
River blindness, caused by a parasitic worm transmitted by a small fly, is endemic in the savanna belt south of the Sahara from Senegal to Kenya.
An endemic is a disease which saps energy and shortens lifetimes.
A pandemic disease occurs at a metropolitan level.
The country in which Idi Amin ruled is:
West Africa is Subsaharan Africa’s most populous region.
The bulk of West Africa’s population is concentrated in the Sahel.
During the 1980s, Kenya had the highest rate of population growth in the world.
Over 90 percent of Nigeria’s export revenues were derived from the sale of petroleum and
petroleum products in the 1980s.
The Congo, with a population of almost 50 million, has no dominant ethnic group.
The Yoruba are a major ethnic group in The Congo.
The ethnic group exerting the most control in Kenya is the:
The Yoruba of Nigeria, the Zulus of South Africa, and the Kikuyu of Kenya are major African ethnic groups.
Which of the following is located in the African Transition Zone?
the Sahel
Which of the following countries is not in The African Transition Zone?
The newest independent country in northern Africa is
Most countries in the African Transition Zone have a _____ population in the north and a _____ population in the south.
Muslim/non muslims
The Sahel is a semiarid transition zone located immediately south of the Sahara Desert.
T or F: Eritrea is a region located in Sudan that has been fighting a war of independence since 1956.
This small country gains much of its importance because of its location on the Bab el Mandeb Strait at the mouth of the Red Sea. This is a choke point.
T or F: The Kalahari Desert is found in the central part of The Congo.
T or F: Most African families still depend on subsistence agriculture.
T or F: the Berlin Conference took place immediately after WWI and was attended by 8 colonial powers intersted in African spheres.
T or F: Congo, Central African Republic, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea all are in Equatorial Africa.
Which religion has taken hold most strongly in Africa in recent years?
almost all african countries are
plural societies
The system of racial separation in the Republic of South Africa was known as:
The country in which Idi Amin ruled is
The poorest country in southern Africa, and one of the world’s poorest states is
The Copperbelt region is a vital producing area of:
The natural environment of Botswana is dominated by
chronic water shortages
The now-independent political entity that was called South West Africa is today renamed
T or F: The Bulge of Africa is in the west.