Geography: Russia and Central Asia

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oil, gas and coal
What type of natural resources does Russia have?
Ural Mountains
What divides Europe from Asia?
root vegetables
What is the staple food for Russia?
They had a command economy, which means the government controlled the population, and no one can own land.
What type of government did Russia have from 1917-1990 and what did that mean for their economy?
Most of Russia is a tundra climate, so most of its soil is frozen.
Why does Russia not have as much arable land as the US?
intricate detail, colorful, onion shaped domes, tall towers, small windows
5 aspects of traditional Russia architecture
The Aral Sea & it’s between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
What is the largest body of enclosed water and where is it located?
Russia consumes less oil than it extracts.
How is Russia able to put so much crude oil into the market?
The area isn’t very populated.
Russia just had a dormant volcano become, but they aren’t really concerned about it. Why not?
There’s oil at the bottom of it.
Why is the Caspian Sea so important to this regions economy?
Caucasus Mountains
What mountain range separates Russia from Georgia?
The establishment of the Soviet government in the early 1920s led to censorship of literature in Russia. Censorship means to control or restrict something.
What is censorship and how does it relate to Russia?
They don’t have transportation or roads.
Why does Siberia have such poor infrastructure?
He criticized Stalin’s rule in his novel, which led the Soviet Union to increase censorship.
How did Alex Solzhenitsyn increase censorship?
They wanted to ban nuclear weapons.
What did Russia decide about nuclear weapons after their experience with Chernobyl?
Lake Baikal is the deepest fresh water lake and it’s located In Southern Siberia.
What is the deepest fresh water lake called and what part of Russia is located?
over irrigation
Why is the Aral Sea only 20% the size it used to be?
Propaganda posters influence opinion.
Why are propaganda posters such a big part of Russia art?
Cyrillic alphabet
What type of alphabet does Russia use?
Winter sports such as hockey, ice skating and skiing are popular due to the cold climate. Tennis is also popular.
Why types of sports are popular in Russia?
The Warsaw Pact was a group of countries led by the Soviet Union that were communist. The U.S. created the created the NATO to combat the pact.
What is the Warsaw Pact and what was the US’s response to it?
It has caused collapses of the local fishing industry, pollution due to fertilizer run off, pesticides and industrial waste; increase in respiratory illnesses in the region.
What has the shrinkage of the Aral Sea caused?
Leo Tolstoy wrote the novel War and Peace. Anton Chekhov wrote the plays The Three Sisters and The Cherry Orchard.
3 pieces of Russian literature and their authors
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan
5 countries of Central Asia
The entire environment was destroyed and nothing was decomposing because the bacteria and fungi were destroyed from the radiation.
What were the environmental results of the Chernobyl disaster?
Increased investment in the oil industry.
What is causing Russia’s economy to grow?
Western Russia
What side of Russia has a strong infrastructure?
4,000 people died from it (the original number was 40,000)
What were the human results of the Chernobyl disaster?
Europe and Asia
Russia is located on what two continents?
What art form is Russia most known for?
Abstract Style
What type of influences did Russia eventually adopt in their paintings?
Oil spills from leaky pipes, radiation waste from power plants, and air pollution from poor factory air standards
Explain some of the pollution problems Russia is facing
People live in single-family homes. In some remote places, homes lack basic plumbing, running water, gas and electricity. The quality of health care and education is lower in the country.
What does “country life” in Russia entail?
Amur River
What river separates Russia from China?
Timber, water, fish, and crops
What are some (4) of Russia’s renewable resources?
The air isn’t blowing off a warm current in the ocean.
Why do warm ocean currents not warm Russia?
Orthodox Christianity
What is the predominant religion of Russia?
Coal, oil, natural gasses, and fossil fuels
What are some (4) of Russia’s non-renewable resources?
Because of climate limited transportation links and vastness (large size) of the country.
Why is Siberia finding it so difficult to develop like western Russia?
The market didn’t show steady growth and they weren’t increasing living standards.
Why has it been difficult for Russia to transition to a free market economy?
Where do most people in Russia live?
They built a dome around it, but today it’s collapsing. They’re trying to build an even stronger one.
How did they try to fix Chernobyl in the 1980s? What about today?
Autocracy, which means one person was in charge.
What was Russia’s government like before the Russian Revolution?
What is the eastern region of Russia called?
Taiga, Tundra, Steppe
What is the climate of Russia like (there are 3 climate zones so don’t just say cold!)
The climate is warmer there and they have a top layer of soil that is more arable than the clay beneath.
Why is the western side of Russia so fertile?
The Ring of Fire
The Kamchatka Peninsula in Eastern Siberia is located on the what?
Arctic Ocean
Most of Russia’s rivers empty into what ocean?
What crop is grown in Central Asia?
Aluminum, copper, lead, iron, zinc, gold and silver
What mineral resources does Russia have?
What happened on April 26th, 1986?